Our Favorite TheraSpecs Relief Stories in 2018

Our Favorite TheraSpecs Relief Stories in 2018

Posted by Greg Bullock on 26th Dec 2018

It was another great year for TheraSpecs in 2018, and it was all because of you. We helped a record number of people improve their light sensitivity this year—removing at least some of the darkness in their lives. We wanted to highlight a few of the inspiring stories that you shared with us in 2018.

Stephanie Wearing Keaton Indoor TheraSpecs

Newfound Optimism

There is nothing more important to us than helping people break the negative impact that darkness has on their lives. Stephanie’s story perfectly encapsulates this purpose: "I feel less anxiety going out to places where I know I'm going to be under bright lights that will trigger me. I have been able to enjoy the cinemas again without forcing myself to shut my eyes for 20 minutes during the film. There are so many more examples but the point is: Having these specs in my bag with me has changed my whole attitude towards having ‘another attack.’ I'm more optimistic with my recovery. I don't feel so depressed anymore thinking I'm stuck with this pain for the next three to four days...It's not the cure but it's a damn good start."

Kayla Wearing Audrey Indoor TheraSpecs

A Lifelong Commitment

TheraSpecs customers show incredible loyalty because of the overwhelmingly positive impact of our glasses on their health. Kayla is a lifetime supporter as a result of her experiences: "My TheraSpecs NEVER leave my side! I am on my 4th Neurologist for my migraines, and the very first thing she did was pull a scratched up pair of TheraSpecs out of her pocket, and made me put them on. I went home that day and purchased a pair online. Though I still have migraines, I am doing miraculously better! Everyone has taken notice. I’ll keep a pair of TheraSpecs for the rest of my life!"

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Dave Wearing Outdoor Classic TheraSpecs While Hiking

Out in the Elements

We love seeing customers in their element, participating in the activities that have meant so much to them over the years. One great example is Dave, who enjoys taking his Outdoor Classic TheraSpecs out on regular hikes, simply stating: "Customer service has been delightful and the product itself has made a huge improvement in my migraine situation."

Jacqueline Wearing Audrey Indoor TheraSpecs in the Winter

The Surprise of TheraSpecs

It is always fun to hear of moments of surprise from TheraSpecs users—whether it is the immediate relief they feel or just the fact that they can be more effective than other trusted migraine treatments. Jacqueline describes that moment for her: "I have chronic health conditions and headaches that have lately been affecting my light sensitivity WAY too dramatically. And I'm amazed by how much general relief they bring. I wear them almost constantly, and their pulling out blue light from overheads in my home, the hallways lights in my apartment building, or even just white sky of winter has been a huge help."

Lorraine's Daughter Playing in the Band Wearing TheraSpecs

A Mother's Journey

We hold a special place in our heart for the parents of a child with chronic illness, such as migraine. It is already an incredible challenge dealing with light sensitivity and other symptoms, but we can only imagine how tough it can be observing it in your child. That makes the small moments of relief that much more rewarding, like with Lorraine and her daughter: "[TheraSpecs] have been lifesavers for my daughter! She used to get migraines 4-5 times a week. After discovering she was light sensitive and getting TheraSpecs she has been almost completely migraine free for over 9 months!" And here she is playing her favorite instrument in the band, with her TheraSpecs protecting her the entire time.

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Tara Gets Her Smile Back Wearing TheraSpecs

Getting Your Life Back

Some of our most favorites stories start with a smile; in this case, it is the one that Tara regained with the help of her TheraSpecs: "Since using TheraSpecs I have experienced a tremendous change of life. I feel like the old me again. I have found my smile again. Thank you to TheraSpecs for giving me my life back."

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Paula Wearing TheraSpecs for Brain Injury Dizziness

A Valuable Tool for Brain Injuries

Light is not just a trigger for migraine, but it can bring on or worsen dizziness and other issues associated with mild or serious brain injuries too. Paula now knows just how valuable TheraSpecs can be in helping combat these problems: "These glasses have saved my life! I have had some vestibular issues, eye strain, dizziness and fatigue due to a head injury during a car accident a few years ago and the glasses have helped reduce my symptoms."

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