Hudson TheraSpecs - Outdoor

Sophisticated design that is versatile for every day use at home, in the office, or for leisure.
Silicone nose pads and adjustable earpieces for minimum pressure
Polarized lenses to reduce reflected glare
Hudson TheraSpecs - Outdoor

Hudson TheraSpecs is a rounded frame that blends a sophisticated, versatile design with the protection of our precision-tinted lenses; this makes Hudson perfect for everyday use at the office, at home, or during a night out on the town. They are crafted from lightweight and highly adjustable metal with soft, flexible silicon nose pads to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit.

Hudson TheraSpecs is available in the finish of your choice: black or silver.

Outdoor TheraSpecs are great for wearing outside in bright sunlight. They:

  • Provide more relief than normal sunglasses
  • Reduce headache and migraine frequency and intensity
  • Relieve painful light sensitivity and glare

Hudson TheraSpecs come with a microfiber carrying bag.

Hudson Outdoor Dimensions

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Woman wearing Hudson TheraSpecs Outdoor silver