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TheraSpecs® Announces Groundbreaking New Product Lines to Tackle Brain Injuries, Epilepsy, and More

TheraSpecs® Announces Groundbreaking New Product Lines to Tackle Brain Injuries, Epilepsy, and More

Written by Greg Bullock on 7th Dec 2023

TheraSpecs® Company, the leading brand of therapeutically tinted glasses for migraine and light sensitivity, today announced multiple new product lines designed for a wide range of additional symptoms, conditions, and situations. As the first company to offer such a line direct to consumers, TheraSpecs is positioned to help millions with brain injuries, photosensitive epilepsy, insomnia, and computer headaches.

"I started TheraSpecs in 2011 to help my wife and people like her with debilitating chronic migraine," said founder and CEO, Hart Shafer. "Along the way, I have spoken with thousands of people with a wide range of experiences, from debilitating vertigo after a concussion to headaches when using their computer all day, and I'm beyond thrilled that we now have more ways to help all of them."

The significant expansion in the company’s catalog includes its original indoor glasses and outdoor sunglasses, both of which elevate the FL-41 tint and deliver lasting relief to customers with migraine, light sensitivity, and other symptoms for over a decade. They’ve been made even better with the addition of premium optical coatings that further reduce scratches, smudges, and glare.

New to the TheraSpecs lineup are lenses that provide additional options for migraine and photophobia relief, as well as address even more issues that are triggered or worsened by light. These include light sensitivity and related symptoms due to brain injury and post-concussion syndrome, seizures triggered by flashing lights, sleep disrupted by blue light, and decreased contrast due to visual issues, plus much more.

TheraSpecs’ seven lens types, are:

  • FL-Pro™, the original indoor lens, offers the strongest protection for artificial lights and digital device screens; helps reduce migraine attacks, headaches, post-concussion symptoms, and photophobia.
    Shop FL-Pro styles ➜
  • FL-Blend™ balances protection against screen and other artificial light with a less noticeable color; also helps reduce migraines, concussion symptoms, and light sensitivity.
    Shop FL-Blend styles ➜
  • Z-Blue™ protects from flashing lights and repeating patterns to provide relief for photosensitive epilepsy; often preferred by people with brain injuries as well. Available in three lens strengths to accommodate symptom severity.
    Shop Z-Blue styles ➜
  • Sleep improves circadian rhythms and enhances the quality of your sleep when worn before bedtime.
    Shop Sleep styles ➜
  • Flex takes the edge off triggering light with a barely-visible tint; helpful for mild light sensitivity and light enough to use for night driving.
    Shop Flex styles ➜
  • Contrast HEV™ filters high-energy visible light to deliver greater contrast and sharpness to your vision.
    Shop Contrast HEV styles ➜
  • FL-Sun™, the original outdoor lens, is the best sunglasses lens you've ever tried.
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Most of the lens types now come in multiple strengths to further accommodate the unique needs and symptom severity of customers. Additionally, TheraSpecs offers a wide selection of frames as well as prescription and reader options.

Previously these types of tints were only available through specialty optical sources, difficult to produce accurately, and of varying quality and reliability. Now, TheraSpecs Company has combed through the research to find the best tints for different conditions and situations, and produced high-quality, tested, affordable, reliably therapeutic eyewear that can be conveniently purchased at

With these new lens offerings, more people will be able to experience the life-changing impact of TheraSpecs, like Niki, who shared this recently:

"These changed my life the moment I got them! No more daily headaches, no more light sensitivity. I feel like I can be a part of the world now at any time of day, whether indoor or outdoor, using technology, going to music events. These are hands down the best product I have ever invested in and my overall health and well-being has been positively impacted!"

Order today and experience the benefits that TheraSpecs glasses can have on your health!

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