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"Sunglasses can reduce light, but if they are too dark your pupils dilate, which counteract their effect. [TheraSpecs] lenses filter the major pain-causing wavelengths...and the wavelengths of light that flicker most in fluorescent lighting." Click to See the Video

The Doctors
Drs. Stork and Sears,
The Doctors

"…you can don a pair of tinted glasses to tone down bright lights, which exacerbate migraine pain for more than 80 percent of sufferers. Wear the glasses when you’re out in the sun or in an office with harsh fluorescent bulbs. Models by TheraSpecs…are designed to minimize pressure on sensitive points of the face, and their specially formulated rosy tint blocks the blue-green light shown to trigger and worsen migraines."

Real Simple
Kat Harrison,
Real Simple, April 2014

"TheraSpecs is eyewear that is scientifically designed to filter out harmful light. The precision tint has been shown to reduce migraines and provide measurable relief for dozens of other conditions related to light sensitivity." Click to Read Article

Dan Munro,

”TheraSpecs are carefully crafted eyewear that filter the light most likely to trigger [migraine] attacks. In addition to their specialty tint, TheraSpecs are durable for all-day wear and thoughtfully designed to reduce pressure on the head."

Natural Awakenings
Feb. 2014

TheraSpecs founders Hart Shafer and Kerrie Smyres were interviewed on Good Morning Arizona about the impact of migraine and how TheraSpecs work to relieve light sensitivity and reduce migraine attacks in many. Click to See the Story

KTVK Channel 3
Ryan O’Donnell, interviewer

"If you have migraine, and especially if you've found that fluorescent lights or computer screens bother you (either when you have a migraine attack or when you don't), this is an excellent option to consider. Many people have been very surprised at the difference that can be made with precision tinted glasses such as TheraSpecs." Click to Read Article

James Cottrill,
Headache and Migraine News

"When I opened the box, I immediately put them on over my existing glasses. The relief, even indoors, was immediate. Unlike my other over-prescription glasses, I didn’t feel like I was wearing a giant chunk of unforgiving hard plastic weighted to my head and hanging off my face. These glasses felt like they’d been made to fit my head and were feather-light. It was obvious they were designed with the things I needed in mind." Click to Read Article

Ellen Schnakenberg,
Health Central

"The best way I can describe the feeling of sliding them on is to say that my eyes and brain exhaled. I honestly hadn't realized how much strain I was dealing with all the time until I felt it melt away in an instant." Click to Read Article

Diana Lee,
Somebody Heal Me

"I've had a pair of TheraSpecs for several months now, and can tell you that they make me far more comfortable. I do tend to be very sensitive to light all the time, not just during a Migraine, and TheraSpecs are an enormous help with this in several ways: under "regular" incandescent indoor lighting, under fluorescent lighting, and watching television. I noticed a big help here during action scenes where there tend to be a lot of bright lights." Click to Read Article

Teri Robert,
Health Central

"My son did have a Migraine and was miserable. We pulled out the glasses and within a few short minutes he said he felt a bit "calmer and relaxed, and the lights were less intense." His pain level started out at a seven and after wearing them for a while, his pain was down to a two."

Nancy Bonk,
Migraine and Headache Blog

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