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TheraSpecs Careers

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Careers at TheraSpecs

Open positions:

The Quality Specialist’s mission is to ensure the consistent availability of high-quality products in all of our selling channels.

TheraSpecs makes a range of glasses that help protect people from light that gives them trouble, such as screens, fluorescents and LEDs, flashing lights, unwanted blue light, and sunlight. As part of a light management plan, our lenses may help people living with different types of light sensitivity, including conditions like migraine and post-concussion syndrome. We're looking for a reliable, team-oriented person with great attention to detail to join our growing team. This is a flexible part-time or full-time hourly (20-40 hours per week) position in our central Phoenix office.

You will:

  • Operate the frame tracer and lens edger as needed to finish and assemble ready-to-ship products
  • Visually inspect frames, lenses, and finished products to ensure they meet quality standards (inspect, assemble, adjust, clean, repair, organize)
  • Track and report on quality issues; participate in product evaluation discussions
  • Prepare and ship weekly bulk restocks for Amazon international warehouses
  • Monitor, prepare, and maintain stock and organization of shipping and fulfillment supplies
  • Assist with order fulfillment and preparation
  • Handle customer repairs and spare parts maintenance
  • Plan your work with the team according to current priorities
  • Look for opportunities to consistently improve our systems and procedures

You have:

  • High attention to detail and reliability
  • Ability to see fine detail during visual inspection
  • Great organizational skills
  • The ability to maintain focus for extended periods of time
  • A team-oriented attitude with communication and planning skills
  • Mindful, positive outlook toward life and work

Are you an organized, reliable person with great attention to detail? Are you excited to help people find protection from light and get back to their lives? If so, you may be an excellent fit for us and we would love to hear from you. Join the team that helps people feel like this:

“I am a severe migraine sufferer and TheraSpecs have made a world of difference! I am no longer out sick every week. Thanks so much for saving my job and changing my life!” —Victoria in Chicago

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About TheraSpecs

TheraSpecs® glasses are your personal defense against disruptive lighting. We offer a wide range of specialized lenses that each filter targeted wavelengths of light which, as part of a light management plan, may help you live better with migraine, photophobia, concussions, seizures and other issues complicated by light exposure. With TheraSpecs, you can stay protected against screens, fluorescents and LEDs, flashing lights, harmful blue light, outdoor sun, and more—and embrace light with more confidence. We are an inclusive employer.

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