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TheraSpecs® Night Driving Glasses

TheraSpecs lenses help manage bright headlights and increase contrast for better vision while driving at night.

Whether you have a health condition triggered by light, are sensitive to headlights and streetlights, or struggle with decreased visibility after dark, TheraSpecs® can help! Our therapeutic night driving glasses reduce blue light and glare using speciality tints and anti-reflective coating. They make it easier to see after dark and help protect the eyes and brain from painful light that can reduce visibility.

TheraSpecs Contrast HEV and Flex Night Driving Glasses in Classic Frame

Lens Options for Driving at Night

TheraSpecs Night Driving Glasses Reviews

Driving at night can wreak havoc for somebody who is sensitive to headlights and glare. Read how our customers have used TheraSpecs glasses to stay protected and maximize their comfort while driving at night.

What our customers are saying

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I love them. I’m able to drive at night in them and the headlight from on coming traffic does not bother me. I’m too excited!
--Kerry Ann, Georgia

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TheraSpecs have been the best purchase I've done last year! Now I can enjoy life more, going to the cinema, driving at night and so much more!
--Chiara, USA

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These glasses have changed my life!! I had to stop driving at night because the flickering of headlights... I’ve had these glasses for 4 weeks, been out at night, and have not had a single migraine since!
--Danielle, New Hampshire

Not sure which lens is right for you? Use our lens finder to answer a few questions and receive an instant recommendation!

How do TheraSpecs Night Driving Glasses Protect from Bright Lights and Help You See Better While Driving After Dark?

Dark skies combined with bright lights reduce visibility when driving at night. Plus, many people with a light-sensitive condition like migraine or post-concussion syndrome report that headlights and other LEDs on the road are a major trigger for their symptoms.1

Research shows that visibility is increased at night with tinted lenses that reduce the blue light that modern headlights and streetlights are awash in.2-4 Night driving glasses with anti-reflective coating reduce glare even further by limiting reflections off the back of your lenses.

Discover our two night driving glasses tailored to your specific needs:

Opt for TheraSpecs Contrast HEV™ if your primary goal is to enhance contrast for a sharper and clearer vision during nighttime drives. These lenses reduce the wavelengths of blue light that are both UV and just above UV, which increases contrast to improve visibility. The tint and anti-reflective coating also help manage glare from bright lights.
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If you’re struggling with bright headlights and streetlights or know that you are generally sensitive to light, TheraSpecs Flex is the ultimate choice. These lenses target the wavelengths of light that research has shown to cause the most pain and other symptoms for people who are sensitive to light.5 The anti-reflective coating reduces glare off the back of the lenses for further relief.
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Both these lenses are versatile enough to be worn during screen use and anytime you need extra help. They minimize blue light exposure, alleviating eye strain and fatigue for a more comfortable digital experience.

Please note that these are the only two TheraSpecs lenses suitable for driving at night. Other lenses are too dark for use while driving after dark.

Research shows that TheraSpecs:

  • Increase contrast and visibility by blocking light just above the UV spectrum
  • Reduce painful light sensitivity and photophobia caused by headlights and streetlights when driving at night
  • Limit glare with anti-reflective coating to keep light from reflecting into your eyes
  • Are preferred by 78% of light-sensitive people over other light-filtering glasses

Woman wearing TheraSpecs Contrast HEV glasses for night driving

Shipped Worldwide, Including the US, UK and Canada

TheraSpecs can be purchased quickly, easily, and securely through our online store. Whether you live in the US, UK, Australia, Canada or just about anywhere else in the world, we are able to get our night driving glasses right to your door. We even have a free shipping option for all US orders. In-stock pairs ship the same or next business day; custom orders take approximately three weeks.

Prescription Lenses and/or Custom Frames

For customers with existing prescription eyewear, we know how important it is to make sure you can see clearly on the road. That's why we offer fitover styles like Original WearOver and Tatum WearOver. TheraSpecs lenses can be made with your prescription too—either in a standard frame or one you already own. Readers, clip-ons, and other custom frames can also be made with our therapeutic lenses.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're excited for you to try TheraSpecs and get back to the important activities and people in your life! If you don't absolutely love the relief of your TheraSpecs, we want you to know that we're here to help. You can reach out to us at any time with questions or if you need additional support in order to get the most out of your experience with our glasses.

We also encourage you to take full advantage of our return and exchange policy. If you want to try another frame or a different lens option, just reach out to our team within 60 days. We also accept returns for non-custom TheraSpecs as well.

Try them and help yourself or a loved one be comfortable driving after dark!


1Salvaia J, Elias J, Shepherd AJ. Symptoms of visual discomfort from automobile lights and their correlation with headache in night-time taxi drivers. Lighting Research & Technology. 46(3):354–363.

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Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping

60-day return guarantee

60-day return guarantee

Free shipping on US orders

Free shipping on US orders