Glasses for Concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome

Concussions often leave painful and persistent symptoms, including headaches, light sensitivity, and photophobia. Whether you are in the first few days of recovery after a brain injury or have been dealing with symptoms for years, TheraSpecs® precision-tinted glasses for concussion and post-concussion syndrome can provide you with freedom and relief from the light that triggers your symptoms.

TheraSpecs Glasses for Concussion, Post-Concussion Syndrome

The TheraSpecs Difference

Thousands of people have trusted TheraSpecs to improve their sensitivity to light. Among those with concussion, post-concussion syndrome, or other brain injury-related causes:

91 Percent Graphic
91% reported noticeable relief for their light sensitivity and post-concussion headaches1
88 Percent Graphic
88% would enthusiastically recommend TheraSpecs to other patients with a brain injury2

Here are just a few of the benefits customers have experienced with TheraSpecs concussion glasses:

  • Improved functioning under fluorescent lights
  • Increased time spent on the computer or other digital devices
  • Reduction in post-concussion headaches and migraine attacks
  • Reduction in light-triggered dizziness and vertigo symptoms
  • Lessened eye-related strain and eye discomfort
  • Quicker return to work, social and other daily activities

TheraSpecs also have an impressive track record of success for those with other light-sensitive conditions, such as from migraine and other headache disorders. Below is just a sampling of reviews from customers whose lives have been profoundly improved by our glasses.

What customers are saying

Paulette wearing indoor TheraSpecs, Classic frame

"My post-concussion episode (three years after my concussion) has impacted my ability to post for my business. I could not watch my computer screen and my cell phone. But now with these glasses, I am making progress. Thank you!"
-Paulette, Nevada, USA

Rhonda wearing indoor TheraSpecs, Audrey brown frame

"For the first time today I actually asked my son to turn the lights on in the kitchen for me while I was cooking. I haven’t said that in months. I was actually able to cook some eggs without squinting in normal overhead lighting with the help of these. Thank you for helping improve the quality of my life during this time."
-Rhonda, USA

Lauren wearing indoor TheraSpecs, custom frame

"I’m currently 6 months with post concussive syndrome with head pressure and photophobia which crescendos with variant light. My quality of life has improved for myself, my husband and golden retriever to be able to function with reduced PCS symptoms. I’m able to enjoy my electronics, watch tv, but most importantly be present at all times."
-Lauren, Washington, USA

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Why TheraSpecs Improve Light Sensitivity after Concussion

The benefit of TheraSpecs glasses boils down to the precision tint of their lenses. They filter the wavelengths of blue light that can trigger pain and other concussion-related symptoms, according to researchers.3 TheraSpecs block as much as 25 times more blue light than other brands marketed as blue light glasses.4

Better than Typical Sunglasses

It is common practice to wear sunglasses indoors when you have intense photophobia, but this can make you more light sensitive over time. Since TheraSpecs target a specific range of light, their indoor lenses do not have to be as dark as normal sunglasses, giving you risk-free protection for concussion-related photophobia. We also apply the same tint on an outdoor lens that is darker, polarized and 100% UVA/UVB blocking—making them the best outdoor sunglasses you’ll ever own.

Indoor TheraSpecs
Indoor TheraSpecs Lenses, Winslow Style
✓ Protection against fluorescents and screen light
✓ Relief during light-sensitive episodes
✓ Lighter than normal sunglasses
Outdoor TheraSpecs
Outdoor TheraSpecs Lenses, Winslow Style
✓ Protection and relief against bright outdoor sunlight
✓ Polarized to reduce outdoor glare
✓ 100% UVA and UVB blocking

Custom Options Available

TheraSpecs come in a variety of readymade frame options, but you can always customize them for your needs. For example, we can replace the lenses of any specialty frame you send us, and we can even create prescription TheraSpecs lenses. We want you to love not just the relief of your TheraSpecs, but the look and feel of them too!

60 Day Return Guarantee

Every brain reacts differently, which is why all non-prescription TheraSpecs styles come with a 60-day return and exchange guarantee. That way, you can make sure their precision-tinted lenses provide concussion and post-concussion relief against bright light. Learn more about our return policy here.


1Sourced from data collected via an online survey of people with self-reported light sensitivity. Summary of findings can be found here:

2Sourced from post-purchase Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys sent to TheraSpecs customers who self reported as having survived a brain injury.

3M. Tatsumoto, T. Eda, T. Ishikawa, M. Ayama, K. Hirata “Light of Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cell (ipRGC) Causing Migraine Headache Exacerbation.” IHC symposium OR3. 2013 June.

4Visible light transmission by wavelength measured using f.luxometer software

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60-day return guarantee

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