Fluorescent Light Glasses

Fluorescent Lights and Migraines

Fluorescent lights can trigger migraines, cause headaches and eyestrain, and worsen other conditions. In fact, studies have shown it can double the rate of office headaches and frequency of migraine attacks. TheraSpecs® fluorescent light glasses provide fast, effective relief for eyes sensitive to this type of light by filtering out the part that worsen these symptoms. They are also a safer alternative to wearing sunglasses for fluorescent light sensitivity because TheraSpecs indoor tinted lenses do not pose additional risk for dark adapting your eyes.

Fluorescent Light Glasses by TheraSpecs

Research shows that TheraSpecs:

  • Protect you from fluorescent lights

  • Reduce headaches and eyestrain

  • Prevent migraine attacks

  • Relieve painful light sensitivity

Woman wearing indoor TheraSpecs for fluorescent light protection and relief

How do TheraSpecs Glasses Protect You from Fluorescent Lights?

Fluorescent lights pulse faster than we can consciously see but the brain still picks up that pulsing. People who are sensitive to this pulsing stimulation can feel sick because of it. TheraSpecs are precision-tinted glasses that block fluorescent lights by filtering out the wavelengths of light where the pulsing is concentrated; they help protect the eyes and brain as well as prevent the headaches, migraines, and other problems that fluorescent lights can cause. Fluorescent lights are particularly high in blue light, which is the part of the light spectrum that TheraSpecs concentrates on filtering. TheraSpecs increase relief by blocking up to 25 times more blue light than other blue light glasses.1 In addition, TheraSpecs are the only glasses with ultra-lightweight, flexible frames designed specifically to protect from fluorescent lighting.

What do Customers Say?

TheraSpecs customers share the experiences they have had in finding relief from fluorescent light migraine attacks, headaches, and eye sensitivity:

TheraSpecs for Fluorescent Light Sensitivity

Dean wearing prescription Conrad TheraSpecs for indoors

"I was having [vestibular migraine] flare ups from having to do reports on the computers and the fluorescent lights in the office. I ended up getting a set of prescription Conrad TheraSpecs and they help immensely! I just want to thank TheraSpecs for helping people like me out in getting on with our lives..."
-Dean, New Brunswick, Canada

Chelsea wearing indoor TheraSpecs, Classic frame

"I love them! They changed my life for the better! I was locked to my room for so long due to fluorescent lights being in every hallway. Now every day I adventure further and further down the hall."
-Chelsea, Minnesota, USA

SK wearing indoor TheraSpecs, custom frame

"These glasses help me continue to work through my migraines and keep them from being more debilitating. The special lenses also block fluorescent light, allowing me to spend as long as I want in [big box stores] without feeling dizzy...One of the best purchases I made!"
-S.K., USA

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Money-back Guaranteed

TheraSpecs fluorescent light filter glasses have brought relief to thousands, but we understand that every brain is different. If they don’t improve your symptoms of fluorescent light sensitivity, you can always return your undamaged non-prescription pair back to us for a refund within 60 days.

Try them and help you or a loved one get out of the dark!


1Visible light transmission by wavelength measured using f.luxometer software https://fluxometer.com/page/measure/

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