Why TheraSpecs

TheraSpecs are precision-tinted, thoughtfully designed eyewear that filter the light that can trigger or worsen such problems as migraines, headaches, eyestrain, and exhaustion.

Olivia wearing Audrey Indoor Brown TheraSpecs

Olivia wears the Audrey in Brown

Get out of the dark

Proven to provide fast relief and protection from light

  • Filters light from pulsing fluorescents, harsh computer screens, bright sunshine and more
  • Protects and soothes your eyes and brain so you can do more than simply return to your daily life—you can embrace it
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Relief from Migraines

Reduce migraines without drug side-effects

  • Reduces frequency of migraines when worn regularly
  • Filters out light most likely to trigger an attack
  • TheraSpecs wearers experience 74% fewer migraine attacks on average per month
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Martijn wearing Classic Indoor TheraSpecs

Martijn wears the Classic frames

Joe wearing Haven Indoor TheraSpecs

Joe wears the Haven frames in Black

Protection from Fluorescents

TheraSpecs are therapeutically tinted to filter the pulsing light from fluorescents

  • Reduces headaches, eye strain and exhaustion
  • Relieves symptoms associated with artificial lighting
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Unlike Typical Glasses

Thoughtfully designed for maximum relief

  • Ultra-lightweight, flexible frames minimize pressure on already-sensitive heads
  • Many TheraSpecs styles offer wrap around protection to filter light from the sides and block the brightest direct light
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Catherine wearing Audrey Outdoor TheraSpecs Brown

Catherine wears the Audrey frames in Brown

Linda wearing WearOver Indoor TheraSpecs

Linda in the WearOver style

Backed by Research

We’re on a mission to truly help people, so we’ve rooted our efforts in science. Research shows that:

  • 90% of customers find relief with TheraSpecs
  • TheraSpecs lenses block 80% of the most harmful blue-green light
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See What Customers Are Saying



Rachel on Jun 21, 2018

"The glasses are simply amazing, I felt a huge difference within minutes, I am telling anyone I know who lives with migraines about your amazing product, including my doctor and pain specialist!"



Denise on Jul 11, 2018

"Back for my second pair of TheraSpecs! I've had chronic and severe migraines for decades and these glasses are part of my migraine management program. An added bonus: the color of the lenses have a calming effect."



Karen on Sept 24, 2018

"My eyes were light traumatized for 3 months, I got your glasses today, I wasn't able to look at my phone or computer, it was scary!! with the glasses I can now get back to normal living! I ordered more today, thank you!!!!"

Backed by Our 60 Day Return Guarantee

TheraSpecs can help, but every brain is different. If you don’t like our glasses or experience the benefits, return them within 60 days for a full refund.

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