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Proven to provide fast relief and protection from light

Whether it’s pulsing fluorescents, harsh computer screens, or bright sunshine, light should never hurt, irritate, or confine you to a dark room. That’s why we created TheraSpecs: precision-tinted, thoughtfully designed eyewear that filter the light that can trigger or worsen such problems as migraines, headaches, eyestrain, and exhaustion. TheraSpecs protect and soothe your eyes and brain so you can do more than simply return to your daily life—you can embrace it.


Reduce migraines without drug side-effects

When worn regularly, TheraSpecs can reduce the frequency of migraines by filtering out the light most likely to trigger an attack. A clinical study of TheraSpecs' tint showed that participants experienced on average 74% fewer migraine attacks per month.


Reduce headaches, eye strain, and exhaustion

While fluorescent lights pulse faster than we can consciously see, our brain is still aware of the throbbing. This can cause people to feel sick. TheraSpecs filters this pulsing light, though, relieving the symptoms associated with fluorescent lighting.

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Not all therapeutically tinted lenses are created equal. Inexperienced labs can apply the wrong tinting or apply the right tinting incorrectly, resulting in lenses that are ineffective. TheraSpecs’ lab teams have experience creating thousands of lenses and, more importantly, our lenses are measured with a spectrophotometer to verify they filter effectively.

Beyond the tint, our founders’ personal experience with debilitating migraine and passion to make relief accessible to everyone guides all we do. This includes:

  • Designing and manufacturing our own styles to block more light than typical frames, maximizing the benefit of our lenses
  • Shipping all TheraSpecs styles orders on the same or next business day so you can experience relief as soon as possible (timing varies for custom orders)
  • Working with every customer to find or create the best solution that meets their specific circumstances
  • Providing prompt and compassionate customer service


The TheraSpecs design goes beyond the precision-tinted lenses. We used our own experience to design TheraSpecs for maximum relief.

Unlike typical glasses, TheraSpecs:

  • Minimize pressure on already-sensitive heads with high-quality, ultra-lightweight, flexible frames
  • Gently cup your face to filter light from the sides and block the brightest direct light


TheraSpecs can help, but every brain is different. If your TheraSpecs aren't providing relief, return them within 60 days for a full refund. We provide this guarantee so you can shop with confidence. Let us help you or a loved one take control, stop fearing light, and find relief.


We’re on a mission to truly help people, so we’ve rooted our efforts in science. Below you'll find articles that delve into the effects of lighting as well as independent studies that have verified the benefits of the tint we use in every pair of TheraSpecs.

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