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Why TheraSpecs

TheraSpecs® are therapeutic glasses with a stylish twist. With a wide range of lenses and frame options, they offer relief from issues that are triggered or worsened by light, such as migraines, photophobia, concussions, seizures, and sleep.

Aconda wearing FL-Pro lenses in Audrey frame

Aconda wears FL-Pro in the Audrey style

Freedom in a Pair of Glasses

  • Each of our specialty lenses is designed to target a unique spectrum of light that research shows can negatively impact your health and wellbeing
  • TheraSpecs protect and soothe your eyes and brain, giving you the freedom to explore, enjoy and engage without the interference of disruptive lighting
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Protect, Prevent, Relieve

  • Experience relief for a wide variety of issues triggered or worsened by light, such as migraines, headaches, photophobia, concussion symptoms, seizures, eye health, and sleep quality
  • Protect against disruptive lighting like screens, fluorescents and LEDs, flashing lights, harmful blue light and sunshine
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Frank wearing FL-Blend lenses in Winslow frame

Franks wears FL-Blend in the Winslow style

Lupe wearing Z-Blue lenses in Lane frame

Lupe wears Z-Blue in the Lane style

Backed by Research

We’re on a mission to truly help people, so we’ve rooted our efforts in science. We have lenses that studies show can:

  • Reduce migraine attacks by 74% and lessen photophobia
  • Improve symptoms associated with concussion, TBI, and photosensitive epilepsy
  • Enhance sleep quality by stimulating melatonin production
  • Relieve other symptoms and issues aggravated by light
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Loved by Customers, Recommended by Professionals

  • There is a 96% satisfaction rate among the thousands of people who try TheraSpecs every year
  • TheraSpecs are the #1 recommended tool for light-related issues by headache specialists, neurologists, physical and occupational therapists, and other medical professionals
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Tyler wearing FL-Sun sunglasses in Quinn frame

Tyler wears FL-Sun in the Quinn style

Mark wearing Flex lenses in Fremont frame

Mark wears Flex in the Fremont style

A Lens for Every Brain

  • FL-Pro™: offers the strongest protection for artificial lights and digital device screens
  • FL-Blend™: balances protection against screen and other artificial light with a less noticeable color
  • Z-Blue™: protects from flashing lights and repeating patterns
  • Flex: takes the edge off triggering light with a barely-visible tint
  • Sleep: enhances the quality of your sleep when worn before bedtime
  • Contrast HEV™: brings new clarity and sharpness to your vision
  • FL-Sun™: the best sunglasses lens you've ever tried
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Better Than Typical Glasses

Thoughtfully designed frames for maximum relief

  • Dozens of stylish frames to suit your style and maximize your relief
  • Lightweight, flexible frames minimize pressure on sensitive heads and can be adjusted for a perfect fit
  • Many styles offer wraparound protection to also block light from the top and sides
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Amanda wearing FL-Blend lenses in Classic frame

Amanda wears FL-Blend in the Classic style

Greg wears Contrast HEV lenses in Mercer Frame

Greg wears Contrast HEV in the Mercer style

Customize Your Relief

  • Available with non-prescription, prescription, and/or reader lenses
  • We can also make lenses for just about any frame you send us
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A Team that Cares

  • Started by a husband wanting to soothe his wife's pain, we’ve made it our mission to deliver affordable, effective relief to thousands every year
  • Responsive customer care team available by email, chat or phone
  • Self-guided support via our Lens Assistant, FAQ and online Help Center
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Odeen wears FL-Pro lenses in Conrad Frame

Odeen wears FL-Pro in the Conrad style

See What Customers Are Saying



Carmen on May 4, 2024

"Thank you so much for giving me part of my life back. I have migraines very often, and seizures. TheraSpecs glasses allow me to go outside to walk my dog without the light affecting so much."



Joanne on Apr 25, 2024

"I tried a new kind of lens, the blue ones, and it is a terrific addition to my eye protection. I look through them and everything relaxes in my vision and brain. My new favorite."



Trevor on Mar 19, 2024

"Their options for those suffering with migraines and light sensitivity surpass other companies offering far more expensive alternatives. We have gotten great feedback on their newest FL-41 Blend option from our patients. Can't recommend their FL-41 products enough!"

Backed by Our 60 Day Return Guarantee

TheraSpecs help thousands of people find relief every year, but every brain is different. If you don’t like our glasses or experience the benefits, you can return or exchange them within 60 days. See our full policy for details.

FL-41 (FL-Pro, FL-Blend, Flex, and FL-Sun)


Contrast HEV


Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping

60-day return guarantee

60-day return guarantee

Free shipping on US orders

Free shipping on US orders