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TheraSpecs® Glasses for Flashing Lights and Repeating Patterns

TheraSpecs lenses provide protection and relief from flashing lights and repeating patterns to provide relief for epilepsy, migraine, TBI, and post-concussion syndrome.

Flashing lights and repeating patterns can trigger seizures and bring on a wide range of symptoms for people with TBI, post concussion syndrome, epilepsy, or migraine. TheraSpecs® protect the part of the brain that responds to these visual stimuli, thus reducing or eliminating symptoms triggered by this light. Whether you’re sensitive to flashing of sunlight through trees, invisible flicker from screens, strobe lights, or even striped patterns, our glasses can help.

TheraSpecs Glasses for Flashing Lights and Repeating Patterns

Lens Options for Managing Flashing Lights and Repeating Patterns

TheraSpecs Reviews

Our customers have had their lives changed with the relief of TheraSpecs because they no longer experience the pain and other symptoms that were previously brought on by flashing or strobing lights. Here are a few of their stories:

What customers are saying

Jen wearing FL-Pro lenses for flashing lights

"I wear TheraSpecs any time I’m on the computer, under artificial lights, anywhere lights are flashing, in traffic and in the outdoor sunlight. It’s like a relaxing feeling to go about my day. I didn’t realize pain and discomfort wasn’t normal in your eyes, in lighted situations!"
-Jen, Australia, wearing FL-Pro (extra) lenses

Christi wearing Pilot style with TheraSpecs FL-Sun sunglass lenses

"I’ve mentioned before I have chronic migraines, so when I’m driving flashing lights tend to cause my head to hurt. Since wearing TheraSpecs (the sunglasses pictured above) my head isn’t hurting when I drive! Wahoo!"
-Christi, Virginia, wearing FL-Sun lenses

Angela wearing FL-Sun Sunglasses for concert strobe lights

"I'm happy to announce that the TheraSpecs really helped me at the Queen concert!!! I didn't have a seizure at all. I did have to cover my face during the super strobing parts, but they really helped with the lights."
-Angela, wearing FL-Sun lenses

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Not sure which lens is right for you? Use our lens finder to answer a few questions and receive an instant recommendation!

TheraSpecs Glasses Can Calm Sensitivity to Flashing Lights and Repeating Patterns

Flashing lights are a well-known trigger for photosensitive epilepsy. 80% of people with migraine report sensitivity to flashing lights and research also shows that people who have had TBIs or have post-concussion syndrome are also sensitive to flashing lights.1 These lights include:

  • Computer, device, and TV screens
  • Movies or video games that contain rapid flashes or alternating patterns
  • Strobe lights
  • Sunlight flickering through trees, glimmering on water, or streaming through the slats of window blinds
  • Emergency lights on vehicles or visual fire alarms

Repeating patterns cause a similar reaction in the brain, which can also trigger symptoms. This is because these repetitive patterns increase the intensity of a certain type of brain wave, called gamma oscillations.2 Even people without epilepsy experience this type of neural activity, which can lead to feelings of discomfort or provoke symptoms associated with migraine or post-concussion syndrome. By calming the brain’s response to these patterns, research shows that TheraSpecs can provide relief.

Three lens options are available for reducing photosensitive symptoms of epilepsy, brain injuries and migraine.

TheraSpecs Z-Blue™ is designed to provide optimal protection against harsh and/or flashing lights and repeating patterns. Studies show Z-Blue max strength can reduce seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.3,4 And it is the preferred lens color for most people with TBI in research.5
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TheraSpecs FL-Pro™ can also provide protection against flashing lights or repeating patterns with its therapeutic FL-41 tint. Our customers have been using these lenses since 2012 to manage conditions triggered by flashing lights, including migraine, TBI and post-concussion syndrome, and seizure disorders.
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TheraSpecs FL-Sun™ embraces the benefits of FL-41 by applying the tint to dark, polarized lenses that block more than 92% of the most harmful wavelengths.6 They help manage sunlight flicker through trees to provide relief.
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Extra discounts are also available when you buy more than one pair. Plus, with multiple frame options available and the choice to send in your own frame, you can also make sure to find relief from flashing lights and repeating patterns that fits your style.

Research shows that TheraSpecs:

  • Lessen seizures from flashing and/or bright lights (Z-Blue max strength)
  • Reduce symptoms associated with brain injuries, post-concussion syndrome, and migraine
  • Protect from artificial light, including screens and LEDs
  • Reduce other symptoms of photophobia and light sensitivity

Man wearing TheraSpecs Z-Blue for flashing lights

Shipped Worldwide, Including the US, UK and Canada

TheraSpecs can be purchased quickly, easily, and securely through our online store. Whether you live in the US, UK, Australia, Canada or just about anywhere else in the world, we are able to get our glasses right to your door. We even have a free shipping option for all US orders. In-stock pairs ship the same or next business day; custom orders take approximately three weeks.

Make TheraSpecs Your Own with Prescription Lenses and/or Custom Frames

For customers with existing prescription eyewear, we have fitover styles like Original WearOver and Tatum WearOver. TheraSpecs lenses can be made with your prescription too—either in a standard frame or one you already own. Readers, clip-ons, and other custom frames can also be made with our therapeutic lenses.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Never let flashing or strobing lights or triggering patterns get in the way of what you love. If you don't absolutely love the relief of your TheraSpecs, we want you to know that we're here to help. You can reach out to us at any time with questions or if you need additional support in order to get the most out of your experience with our glasses.

We also encourage you to take full advantage of our return and exchange policy. If you want to try another frame or a different lens option or lens strength, just reach out to our team within 60 days. We also accept returns for non-custom TheraSpecs as well.

Try them and see how they can help you or your loved one take control, stop fearing the light, and find relief!


1Hay KM, Mortimer MJ, Barker DC, Debney LM, Good PA. 1044 women with migraine: the effect of environmental stimuli. Headache. 1994 Mar;34(3):166-8.

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4Checa-Ros A, Kasteleijn-Nolst Trenite D, Edson-Scott A, Carr B, Cerquiglini A, Seri S. Efficacy of color lenses in abolishing photosensitivity: Beyond the one-type-fits-all approach? Epilepsy & Behavior.2021;124:108332. doi:10.1016/j.yebeh.2021.108332

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6Visible light transmission by wavelength measured using f.luxometer software

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Secure Shopping

60-day return guarantee

60-day return guarantee

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Free shipping on US orders