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6 Quotes that Perfectly Capture the Feelings of Migraine and Invisible Illness

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Writing Quotes that Capture Migraine and Invisible Illness

It can be hard enough dealing with the physical pain of migraine and other invisible illnesses, but it can be just as difficult when you feel as though people do not understand or even minimize your condition. That's what makes these six quotes extra sweet because they perfectly capture the imperfections, challenges, and victories faced by those with chronic and invisible pain. We hope they can inspire you the way they do all of us here at TheraSpecs.

  • "If you’re in a dark place today, that’s okay. Even if you can’t get out of bed, and all you can do is breathe, take all the time you need, and we’ll be here when you’re ready. Every day is a battle. Some days you’ll demolish everything in your path. Others, you’ll hold on for dear life. Either way, you’re a warrior. Never forget that."
    - Unknown

  • "The traumatized person is often relieved simply to learn the true name of her condition. By ascertaining her diagnosis, she begins the process of mastery. No longer imprisoned in the wordlessness of the trauma, she discovers that there is a language for her experience. She discovers that she is not alone; others have suffered in similar ways. She discovers further that she is not crazy; the traumatic syndromes are normal human responses to extreme circumstances. And she discovers, finally, that she is not doomed to suffer this condition indefinitely; she can expect to recover, as others have recovered..."
    - Judith Lewis Herman, author

  • "For a chronic migraine, there are no triggers, life is my trigger. For chronic migraineurs there are no cures, there are only patches that will get you through to the next bout. Have we tried, acupuncture, herbal remedies, diets, standing upside down on our heads? Yes. The answer is if we have gotten diagnosed as chronic migraines then we have tried anything, and if by chance we have been able to get up and put our mask on that day please let us wear it, under our sunglasses and large hats. It took a lot to get there, and ain’t nobody got spoons for that."
    - Emily A.

  • "I am occasionally plagued by horrific migraines that send me to bed for a whole day at a time. On top of that, thanks to my good pal lupus, I also suffer from light sensitivity and can actually have a lupus flare up just from being underneath a fluorescent light. The light from my computer screen can make me sick. The sun can make me sick. Overhead lights in the mall or an office can make me sick. I’m not positive I’m not a vampire."
    - Lisa, chronic illness blogger
    in a review of TheraSpecs glasses for photophobia

  • "And I have learned now to live with it, learned when to expect it, how to outwit it, even how to regard it, when it does come, as more friend than lodger. We have reached a certain understanding, my migraine and I."
    - Joan Didion, author

  • "If it were this easy to "just get over" chronic pain, nobody would ever suffer from it. I totally do not understand how people can nonchalantly brush off how utterly debilitating, painful, and agonizing it is to have to struggle through every second of every single day.

    I think it speaks volumes to their character when someone can dismiss another's pain as if they were swatting a fly off their shoulder. Chronic Pain cannot be dismissed. The burdens and black clouds that hang over our heads cannot just be cleared or moved over. It takes incredible strength and resilience to walk through the darkness not knowing if you'll get to the other side where the light is.

    We all do it every single second of every day. For some, the light comes much faster than for others."
    - Marni Kyle, poet

We want to hear from you: What are some of your favorite quotes? How would you describe your experiences with migraine or invisible illness? What advice would you give to others? Respond in the comment section below the post!


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