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TheraSpecs® offer a range of lens options and lens strengths, making them an essential addition to your personal light management plan if you are looking for protection from a variety of light sources and/or are living with migraine, photophobia, concussions, seizures, and/or disrupted sleep. Get started by clicking on any of our lens options below or see what lens is right for you by using our lens assistant.

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FL-Pro Standard TheraSpecs Lens FL-41 tint


Your game changer for artificial lights and digital device screens

FL-Pro levels up your protection for artificial lighting like fluorescent lights, LEDs, and device screens. This rose-colored lens uses FL-41 to filter irritating wavelengths between 480-520nm. If you have migraine, light-sensitive headaches, post-concussion symptoms, photophobia, and/or are sensitive to fluorescent lighting, we recommend trying FL-Pro as part of your light management toolkit.

FL-Blend Standard TheraSpecs Lens FL-41 tint


Enjoy balanced protection and see the world more naturally

FL-Blend combines the right amount of critical protection against artificial light sources like fluorescents and digital screens with more natural color perception. A subtle take on the FL-41 lens tint, it targets harsh light between 480-520nm with a softer plum tint to ensure all-day comfort. If you are wanting a truer color experience from your eyewear, we recommend adding FL-Blend to your light management toolkit as it may help you live better with migraine, light sensitivity, brain injury symptoms, or other issues aggravated by light.

Z-Blue Standard TheraSpecs Lens


Your new ally for flashing lights and repeating patterns

Z-Blue is your upgraded defense for visibly flashing lights and repeating patterns. From strobe lighting at concerts to intense flashing during your favorite shows or movies, this lens cuts down on the problematic wavelengths from 580-640nm to protect you from light wherever you are. We recommend people with photosensitive epilepsy and seizure disorders add Z-Blue (in Extra or Max strength) to their light management toolkit. Brain injury survivors who are looking for protection in a variety of bright environments may also consider Z-Blue (in Standard or Extra strength). *If your main concern is fluorescent lighting, we recommend starting with FL-Pro.

Flex TheraSpecs Lens


Take the edge off harsh light with a barely-visible tint

Flex is versatility in a minimal, peach-colored lens. It delivers subtle protection against irritating light, so you can make them your favorite all-day computer or screen glasses. Flex takes the edge off of the harsh and/or bright light you're surrounded by, which may help with mild light sensitivity, headaches, or eyestrain as part of your light management plan—all while helping you keep a low profile. Flex is light enough that it is legal to wear while driving at night in most locations.*

Sleep TheraSpecs Lens


Promote sleep by blocking blue light before bedtime

Sleep is the newest addition to your evening routine. This orange lens blocks 100% of blue light which may affect sleep patterns and melatonin production. Blocking blue light before bedtime may help promote a healthy sleep cycle to help you wind down before sleep and wake up ready to take on the next day! We recommend wearing Sleep in the 2-3 hours before bedtime to enjoy its full benefits.

Contrast HEV TheraSpecs Lens for Vision

Contrast HEV

Sharper contrast for a fresh view

Contrast HEV helps you see the world in higher definition. By filtering the high-energy visible light below 455nm that our eyes don’t focus well, this lightly tinted yellow lens brings greater visual contrast and sharpness for your favorite activities. If screens or bright lights give you visual discomfort, we suggest making Contrast HEV part of your light management toolkit. Contrast HEV is light enough that it is legal to wear while driving at night in most locations.

FL-Sun TheraSpecs Lens FL-41 Sunglasses


The best sunglasses lens you've ever tried

FL-Sun will be your new favorite sunglasses lens and will take extra care of your eyes when you go outside. It uses the power of FL-41, with enhanced filtering from 480-520nm, and wraps it in a dark, polarized lens so you have maximum protection against bright sunlight and outdoor glare. FL-Sun is the perfect option when you’re on the go; add it to your outdoor light management plan if you have migraine and/or photophobia, or just make it your next awesome pair of everyday sunnies.

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*TheraSpecs Flex and Contrast HEV transmit approximately 90% of all light, making these lenses compliant with traffic laws in most places for night driving. However, users are responsible for ensuring their use complies with all applicable traffic regulations and that road lighting is sufficient for safe use. Always drive responsibly and remain attentive to the road and lighting conditions, traffic signals, and other vehicles.

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