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TheraSpecs offers unique lenses for a variety of symptoms, conditions, or concerns, whether it’s migraine and headache disorders, photophobia, traumatic brain injuries, seizures, sleep, or eye health and visual acuity. Get started by clicking on any of our lens options below or see what lens is right for you by using our lens assistant.

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FL-Pro Standard TheraSpecs Lens FL-41 tint


Offers the strongest protection for artificial lights and digital device screens

FL-Pro blocks the most harmful light that can trigger or worsen migraine attacks, headaches, post-concussion symptoms, and photophobia. This rose-colored lens is based on decades of research showing the effectiveness of FL-41 and is optimized to provide the best protection against artificial lighting, including fluorescents, LEDs, and device screens.

FL-Blend Standard TheraSpecs Lens FL-41 tint


Balances protection against screens and other artificial light with a less noticeable color

FL-Blend is a more subtle take on the FL-41 lens tint, balancing the removal of harmful light with a less noticeable lens color. This plum-colored lens also targets the harmful wavelengths that trigger or worsen migraine, concussion, and other light-sensitive conditions, keeping you protected against artificial sources like fluorescents and digital device screens.

Z-Blue Standard TheraSpecs Lens


Protects from flashing lights and repeating patterns

Z-Blue takes the sting out of flashing lights and repeating patterns. This blue lens is preferred by people with traumatic brain injuries, and provides optimal protection for people with photosensitive epilepsy and seizure disorders.

Flex TheraSpecs Lens


Takes the edge off triggering light with a barely-visible tint

Flex is versatility in a minimal, peach-colored lens. It delivers just enough relief against irritating light and takes the edge off for people with mild light sensitivity, while helping you keep a low profile. Flex is also light enough to use for night driving.

Sleep TheraSpecs Lens


Enhances the quality of your sleep when worn before bedtime

Sleep is your evening companion so you get better rest. This orange lens blocks the blue light that has been shown to disrupt sleeping patterns, and, when worn for 2-3 hours immediately before bed, promotes melatonin production so you have a restful night’s sleep.

Contrast HEV TheraSpecs Lens for Vision

Contrast HEV

Brings new clarity and sharpness to your vision

Contrast HEV brings everything into sharper focus. By filtering the high-energy visible light that our eyes don’t focus well, this lightly tinted yellow lens brings greater visual clarity and contrast for your favorite activities.

FL-Sun TheraSpecs Lens FL-41 Sunglasses


The best sunglasses lens you've ever tried

FL-Sun will be your new favorite sunglasses lens and will take extra care of your eyes and brain when you go outside. It uses the power of FL-41 and wraps it in a dark, polarized lens so you have maximum protection against bright sunlight and outdoor glare.

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60-day return guarantee

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