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How TheraSpecs Work

Q: How do TheraSpecs work?

Q: What color are TheraSpecs lenses? Are there any other colors or tints available?

Q: Do TheraSpecs lenses come in different strengths?

Q: Do TheraSpecs provide protection from blue light? How do they compare with other blue light blocking glasses?

Q: Do TheraSpecs use FL-41?

Q: When, where, and how often should I wear TheraSpecs?

Q: Will TheraSpecs help me?

Q: What conditions do TheraSpecs help?

Q: Can TheraSpecs make looking at screens more comfortable?

Q: How long does it take for TheraSpecs to help?

Q: What scientific research supports TheraSpecs?

Choosing Your TheraSpecs

Q: Can I get TheraSpecs with prescription lenses?

Q: How do I order original indoor and outdoor TheraSpecs?

Q: How big are the different styles? Where can I find frame measurements?

Q: Do you have a frame style(s) for kids?

Q: What if I want a different frame style than TheraSpecs offer? Can I send you one of my frames?

Q: Can I wear TheraSpecs over prescription glasses?

Q: Can I wear TheraSpecs over contact lenses?

Q: Are TheraSpecs safe for driving at night?

Q: Are TheraSpecs polarized?

Q: Are TheraSpecs UV blocking?

Q: Are TheraSpecs lightweight and comfortable to wear?

Q: Do you make transition (darkening) lenses?

Q: Do TheraSpecs protect against scratches and reflective glare?

Ordering, Shipping and Returns

Q: Are TheraSpecs available in stores near me?

Q: Do you ship outside the United States? To Canada, the UK, Australia etc.?

Q: How long will it take to get my TheraSpecs?

Q: What if I need a different size or frame? Can I exchange my TheraSpecs for another style or lens option?

Q: What is your return policy?

Q: Are TheraSpecs covered by insurance?

Q: Can I pay for TheraSpecs using my HSA or FSA (Health Savings or Flexible Spending Account)?

Q: Do you have any coupon codes available?

At TheraSpecs, we use clinical research to offer a variety of therapeutically tinted lenses, each designed to combat different problematic light sources. Whether you're facing discomfort from screens, fluorescents, LEDs, flashing lights, repetitive patterns, harmful blue light, or intense outdoor sunlight, our range of lenses have you covered. Our lenses are more than just protective eyewear; they're a science-based solution for anyone, with or without health conditions, seeking relief and comfort in all lighting environments.

TheraSpecs lenses come in a variety of tints, each uniquely tailored to address specific light-related challenges. Here's a breakdown of our lens options:


FL-Pro™ is the original TheraSpecs tint our customers have known and loved for more than a decade. It blocks the most harmful light that can trigger or worsen migraine attacks, headaches, post-concussion symptoms, and photophobia. This rose-colored lens is based on decades of research showing the effectiveness of FL-41 and is optimized to provide the best protection against artificial lighting, including fluorescents, LEDs, and device screens. See what this lens looks like ➜


FL-Blend is a more subtle take on the FL-41 lens tint, balancing the removal of harmful light with a less noticeable lens color. This plum-colored lens also targets the harmful wavelengths that trigger or worsen migraine, concussion, and other light-sensitive conditions, keeping you protected against artificial sources like fluorescents and digital device screens. See what this lens looks like ➜


Flex is versatility in a minimal, peach-colored lens. It delivers just enough relief against irritating light and takes the edge off for people with mild light sensitivity, while helping you keep a low profile. Flex is also light enough to use for night driving. See what this lens looks like ➜


Z-Blue™ takes the sting out of flashing lights and repeating patterns. This blue lens provides optimal protection for people with traumatic brain injuries, photosensitive epilepsy, and other seizure disorders. See what this lens looks like ➜


Sleep is your evening companion so you get better rest. This orange lens blocks the blue light that has been shown to disrupt sleeping patterns, and, when worn for 2-3 hours immediately before bed, promotes melatonin production so you have a restful night’s sleep. See what this lens looks like ➜

Contrast HEV™

Contrast HEV™ brings everything into sharper focus. By filtering the high-energy visible light that our eyes don’t focus well, this lightly tinted yellow lens brings greater visual clarity and contrast for your favorite activities. See what this lens looks like ➜


FL-Sun™ will be your new favorite sunglasses lens and will take extra care of your eyes and brain when you go outside. It uses the power of FL-41 and wraps it in a dark, polarized lens so you have maximum protection against bright sunlight and outdoor glare. See what this lens looks like ➜

Yes! Most of our lenses are available with different strength options. If you need help determining which lens type and/or lens strength is right for you, our lens assistant is here to guide you. You can also see a quick overview of each lens strength below:

  • Standard strength: the go-to choice for most, offering general relief.
  • Extra strength: Steps up the coverage for those seeking more protection.
  • Max strength: Our strongest tint, tailored for severe sensitivity but is not suitable for driving.
  • Dark+ strength (FL-Sun only): This strength offers more relief than sunglasses. It's dark and polarized.
  • Ultradark+ strength (FL-Sun only): This strength is extremely dark and polarized. Not suitable for driving.

And remember, if your initial choice doesn't feel right, you can always return or exchange it for another strength!

Blue light encompasses various wavelengths, each impacting our health differently. TheraSpecs are specially designed to address this by targeting a more comprehensive range of blue light, providing more effective relief than typical blue light glasses, which typically focus on a narrower spectrum. Tailored to meet your specific needs, we offer a range of options:

TheraSpecs Flex is ideal if you're looking to reduce discomfort from blue light without major light sensitivity concerns. With its subtle tint, Flex not only eases eye strain but also blocks more harmful blue wavelengths than typical screen-use glasses. Contrast HEV is also an excellent choice for screen use, as it helps reduce computer eyestrain by filtering out high-energy visible light, which our eyes struggle to focus well.

If light sensitivity is a significant issue for you, consider FL-Pro for extra protection, or FL-Blend for a lighter tint with effective shielding. Both styles filter out more harmful blue light than standard, over-the-counter blue light glasses, helping to lessen symptoms associated with light sensitivity.

Designed to block all disruptive blue light, our Sleep lenses specifically target the wavelengths that affect melatonin production, aiding in a smoother transition to sleep. Wear them for 2-3 hours before your bedtime to maximize their sleep-enhancing benefits.

We carry a few lenses that are made with FL-41! FL-Pro is the original FL-41 lens that our customers have come to know and love for more than a decade. Along with our new FL-Blend lens, they are engineered to prevent and alleviate symptoms from exposure to artificial lighting sources, such as fluorescents, LEDs, TVs, and computer and phone screens. FL-Pro provides enhanced relief by blocking more of the troublesome light wavelengths, while FL-Blend offers a subtler tint for those who prefer a less noticeable lens.

FL-Sun helps you step into the sun more confidently, featuring FL-41 in a dark, polarized lens that effectively reduces glare. Blocking more than 92% of overall light and an impressive 96% of the most problematic wavelengths, FL-Sun Dark+ strength lenses offer unparalleled protection. If you need an even darker lens for outdoor use, we also offer FL-Sun lenses in Ultradark+ strength.

For those who experience light sensitivity during nighttime driving, Flex is a great option. Light enough to meet legal requirements for driving at night, they help manage oncoming headlights safely.

Learn more about FL-41's benefits for light sensitivity and why TheraSpecs FL-41 glasses work best for migraine and over 50 other conditions.

TheraSpecs are designed to protect you from problematic light. Wearing them around known light triggers will help you enjoy their full benefit. If you're not sure what your light triggers are, start by wearing your non-polarized TheraSpecs designed for indoor use whenever you're exposed to artificial light (except for TheraSpecs Sleep, which should only be worn in the 2-3 hours before bedtime). Wear your polarized TheraSpecs outside to protect you from sunshine. After a few weeks of consistent use, you should be able to identify the most problematic light sources and can adapt your use accordingly.

Some customers also find TheraSpecs can stop an attack or light related episode that’s already begun, especially if they catch it early. Even if it continues, TheraSpecs can provide relief by taking the edge off the surrounding light.

You can wear your "standard" and "extra" tinted TheraSpecs for as long as you wish each day. These are light enough to avoid increasing sensitivity to light. For the times that the "max" tint level is needed, we recommend wearing them only when necessary since they block out the most light of the non-polarized tint levels. We recommend wearing polarized FL-Sun™ TheraSpecs only when you are outdoors or exposed to bright sunlight, since wearing sunglasses inside can increase sensitivity to light through a process called dark adaptation. (Learn more here.)

TheraSpecs offer a comprehensive solution to various health issues related to light exposure, based on clinical research and customer feedback. Proven benefits include reducing headache and migraine frequency, relieving painful light sensitivity and photophobia, alleviating symptoms associated with brain injuries, lessening seizures triggered by bright lights, providing protection against screens, fluorescent, and LED lighting, defending against bright sunlight and outdoor glare, improving circadian rhythms and sleep, as well as enhancing contrast sensitivity and visual acuity.

Clinical research consistently underscores the efficacy of TheraSpecs. Plus, thousands of customers share their stories with us each year, highlighting the relief and protection they find with our glasses. You can read about their experiences on our website or Instagram.

That said, every brain is different, which is why you have 60 days to make sure they give you the relief you're seeking. You can also answer a few questions here to get personalized recommendations for the TheraSpecs lens that is the best for your needs.

TheraSpecs can provide protection and relief for many issues that are impacted by light as well as conditions and symptoms that are triggered by lighting. The most common issues for which customers try and find relief with TheraSpecs include:

We have also heard from customers with dry eye, glaucoma, visual snow, Autism-spectrum disorders, fibromyalgia, and more—all of whom love our glasses for relief.

While we cater to a broad range of conditions and concerns, it's important to note that the effectiveness of TheraSpecs varies from person to person. To assist you in finding the perfect pair of TheraSpecs, you can answer a few questions with our lens assistant to get personalized recommendations.

Approximately 90% of our customers report finding relief with TheraSpecs. We understand the importance of personal experience, which is why we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on ready-made orders, allowing you to try TheraSpecs risk-free.

Digital screens emit high levels of blue light, a known cause of eye strain, headaches, and other symptoms. TheraSpecs offers specialty tints to provide relief from screen-triggered discomfort. Here are some options based on your needs:

TheraSpecs Flex

  • Ideal for those seeking relief without light sensitivity as part of a health condition.
  • TheraSpecs Flex provides relief with a nearly invisible tint, blocking more blue light than other glasses marketed for screen use.

TheraSpecs FL-Pro or FL-Blend

  • Recommended for individuals significantly bothered by screens, especially those with health conditions causing light sensitivity.
  • TheraSpecs FL-Pro blocks more problematic light, offering comprehensive relief.
  • TheraSpecs FL-Blend provides a subtler tint with effective protection.

TheraSpecs Contrast HEV

  • Enhances contrast for sharper vision and targets the removal of blue light in order to safeguard general eye health.

TheraSpecs Sleep

  • Blocks 100% of all blue light, which is known to disrupt sleep patterns.
  • Wear TheraSpecs Sleep 2-3 hours before bedtime to promote melatonin production and get better rest.


  • Protects against flicker from screens not at full brightness, an occurrence your eyes may not notice, but your brain certainly feels.
  • Designed to dampen the brain's response to light associated with traumatic brain injuries or post concussion syndrome.

To find the best fit, use our lens assistant!

Beyond blue light, there are other reasons that looking at a computer may make you uncomfortable. Talk to your eye doctor about computer eye strain if you haven't already. Reading glasses or eye drops may help, too. (And if you need reading glasses, we can create readers or reader bifocals in TheraSpecs frames or a frame you own. Just choose the correction type "reading glasses" on any individual style page.)

Every brain is unique! While many people experience relief as soon as they put on their TheraSpecs, some may take a bit longer to adjust to the tint. We recommend wearing them as long as you’re comfortable, gradually increasing your use each day over 2-3 weeks. Wear your specialized TheraSpecs whenever you're seeking relief or around known light triggers, be it bright sunlight, fluorescents, LEDs, or other artificial lighting.

Try out our ready-made TheraSpecs for 60 days, risk-free. If you decide to try a new style or lens type, or if you need to return them for any reason, our dedicated care team is here to assist you at

You can view a full list of clinical research that supports each lens tint that we offer. We’re on a mission to truly help people and create products that deliver relief through the filtering of problematic light, so we’ve rooted our efforts in science. Each pair of TheraSpecs is informed by scientific guidelines, ensuring the most effective solutions for people with conditions and symptoms exacerbated by light.

Yes, we can create prescription TheraSpecs lenses. We can make them either in our frames or frames you provide. We can work with almost all prescriptions including bifocal and tri-focal lenses, progressive lenses, and prisms. On our shop page, simply click on the lens you are interested in, then choose the style(s) you want, select correction type "Prescription," and fill out the remaining details to complete your order. We can also make TheraSpecs in full- or partial-lens readers; just choose correction type "Reading Glasses."

For original indoor TheraSpecs, choose FL-Pro™ in extra tint. It’s the same tint level and now includes anti-reflective coating to provide more protection from reflections.

For original outdoor TheraSpecs, choose FL-Sun™ in Dark+ strength.

If you love your original indoor TheraSpecs and are interested in trying a lighter or darker tint for different lighting conditions, check out the other lens strengths offered under FL-Pro. It’s the same great tint, just in varying darkness. If you’re looking for a tint that is darker than our original outdoor lens, we also offer FL-Sun glasses in Ultradark+ strength.

And if you need help for driving at night, TheraSpecs Flex is also based on our original lens and takes the edge of headlights and streetlights in a tint light enough to be legal for driving after dark.

Each product page on our website includes frame measurement information. You can also compare different styles below. In addition, when viewing all the styles for each particular lens (e.g. FL-Pro), you will see helpful filtering options for frames that are better suited for smaller or broader faces, offer side protection, are extra lightweight, and more.

Hinge to Hinge Illustration Lens Width Illustration Bridge Width Illustration Temple Length Illustration Lens Height Illustration
Style Hinge-to-Hinge Lens Width Bridge Width Temple Length Lens Height Weight
(all lenses)*
(FL-Sun only)
Audrey 128mm 50mm 18mm 144mm 41mm 24.5g 27g
Betty 124mm 53mm 16mm 138mm 38mm 15.5g 17.5g
Classic 128mm 50mm 19mm 150mm 38mm 25g 27.5g
Conrad 132mm 58mm 17mm 146mm 40mm 31.5g 34.5g
Falcon 140mm 60mm 14mm 135mm 54mm 29.5g 33.5-34.5g**
Fremont 136mm 52mm 18mm 145mm 42mm 17g 19.5g
Graham 136mm 54mm 20mm 147mm 43mm 30.5g 33.5-34.5g**
Haven 128mm 55mm 19mm 140mm 32mm 20g 23.5g
Lane 122mm 49mm 20mm 140mm 39mm 22g 25g
Mercer 138mm 53mm 17mm 141mm 36mm 17g 19.5g
Original WearOver 148mm 63mm 14mm 146mm 43mm 37.5g 41.5g
Osborn 135mm 50mm 20mm 138mm 48mm 19g 22g
Petite Wrap 132mm 57mm 18mm 120mm 33mm 21g 24.5g
Pilot 132mm 57mm 17mm 138mm 45mm 24g 28.5g
Powell 134mm 52mm 18mm 143mm 47mm 21.5g 24.5g
Quinn 130mm 53mm 17mm 142mm 38mm 23g 25.5g
Raven 132mm 51mm 17mm 140mm 46mm 34.6g 34.6g
Stella 128mm 62mm 17mm 131mm 41mm 29g 33.5g
Tatum WearOver 144mm 58mm 16mm 138mm 44mm 26.5-28g** 30.5-32g**
Vista 130mm 53mm 18mm 140mm 46mm 29g 32g
Winslow 130mm 52mm 20mm 147mm 40mm 29g 32g
Wrap 137mm 65mm 18mm 120mm 37mm 25.5g 30g
Style Hinge-to-Hinge Lens Width Bridge Width Temple Length Lens Height Weight
(all lenses)*
(FL-Sun only)

*Weight (all lenses) column is for all lens options except FL-Sun.
**This frame has slight variations in weight based on frame color.

For petite faces, we recommend Lane, Betty, and Petite Wrap, which are our smallest styles. Even though they are a bit larger, Audrey, Classic, and Pilot look great on smaller faces and are quite popular among customers who prefer petite frames.

For customers with wide faces, Winslow, Pilot, Conrad, Haven, and Fremont are the most popular. Because they have metal nosepieces, they are easily adjusted to fit a wide variety of faces. (Customers who normally wear frames that are 155 mm wide find these styles very comfortable once adjusted.) Stella, Wrap, and WearOver are our widest frames.

We have several frames available for children and those with smaller faces, including our Petite Wrap style. In addition, many of our other styles (Lane, Classic) will also fit most kids elementary school-aged and older. In addition, you can always send us a frame that you know your child will wear and we'll mount TheraSpecs lenses in it.

Lastly, if you have a child age 5 or younger that may benefit from TheraSpecs, reach out to us at We may have additional options available for you.

If you want a style we do not offer, we can always put our lenses into any frame that you like and send to us! To order using one of your frames with or without prescription, visit You can also reach out to our team for additional support or questions.

After you've finished placing a "Send In Your Own Frames" order, you’ll receive instructions on how to send us your frames and next steps. Once your frames arrive in our office, we'll send a confirmation email and start crafting your new lenses!

We designed our Original WearOver and Tatum WearOver frames specifically for this purpose.


We offer two specialized lenses designed for night driving, catering to different needs. Contrast HEV is an excellent option for increased contrast and clearer vision. If light sensitivity is an issue while driving, we recommend Flex as it’s designed to offer the strongest legal tint to reduce sensitivity to headlights.

Yes, FL-Sun is polarized to block glare from cars, water, and roads, making them ideal for outdoor use! We've chosen not to incorporate polarization in our other lenses for two important reasons:

  1. Polarization can make it challenging to read from computers, TVs, and tablets.
  2. Polarization darkens glasses too much for comfortable indoor use, leading to chronic dark adaptation.

Yes, all standard, non-prescription TheraSpecs provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. Most of our prescription and reader options do as well, but if you'd like to know about a specific option, you can contact our customer care team at

We test every frame for comfort and our customers tell us we have succeeded. We make every style as lightweight as possible, and they are all adjustable so that you can be sure they don't squeeze or irritate your head. If you are particularly concerned about the fit or feel of a frame, our customer care team can help you find a good style for your needs. Only you can know for sure, though. If you don't think your pair is comfortable, you can always exchange them or return them for a refund. Also, if you have a pair of frames you love, we can put TheraSpecs lenses into them. Contact us for details.

We do not because we have found that transition lenses do not darken enough, or quickly enough, to provide adequate relief or protection outside for people with light sensitivity. We have found it is far more effective to have separate lenses for use inside and outside.

Absolutely! TheraSpecs lenses come with scratch-resistant coating that's carefully designed to reduce scratches and prolong the life of your glasses. While no coating can completely eliminate scratches, ours significantly reduces their likelihood. We also equip our lenses with anti-smudge and anti-reflective coatings to ensure clear vision through the lenses and reduce distracting reflections from the lens surface.* Additionally, our lenses also provide 100% UVA/UVB protection!

To keep your TheraSpecs in the best condition, store them in their dedicated case and clean them simply: rinse under running water and gently dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

*Note: FL-Sun Dark+ strength lenses are currently only available with scratch resistant coating.

TheraSpecs can only be purchased online. We know that buying glasses online can be intimidating for some people—what if they don’t fit? What if they don’t work for me? What if I don’t like the frame style? That’s why we have tried to make buying over the internet as smooth as possible with:

Absolutely! We are able to ship TheraSpecs to most countries all over the world, including Canada, the UK, other countries in Europe, Australia and more. We offer a variety of shipping options and prices,* which you can see in the cart or at checkout after filling in your address information. You can also connect with our team to get shipping details for your country.

*Please note that import duties, taxes, and related charges are not included in item price or shipping cost. These fees, if applicable, will be charged to you at the time of import prior to final delivery. We recommend using an online calculator to help you estimate the amount.

We will ship non-custom TheraSpecs on the same or next business day after we receive your order. Delivery time depends on your location and the shipment method you choose. Custom orders—like prescription lenses, readers, and special orders—take additional time (approximately 3 weeks) to make at our lab. Shipping times are the same once we get them back from the lab. Click here for more shipping details.

You sure can! We offer exchanges for any ready-made TheraSpecs within 60 days of purchase. Learn more about how to request an exchange and other details at

While TheraSpecs help the vast majority of people who wear them, we know every brain is different. That’s why we believe in no-hassle returns and exchanges. You can return undamaged, non-custom TheraSpecs within 60 days of purchase for a refund or exchange them for another frame style or lens option. Custom products are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Clearance items cannot be returned, but exchanges are welcome for non-custom clearance products. We encourage you to read our full return policy to learn more.

While we are unable to bill insurance companies directly, many of our customers have received reimbursement for their TheraSpecs purchase from their insurer. Every insurance company has different requirements for reimbursement, so we recommend contacting your insurer to learn what they need. Most often they will require an order for TheraSpecs from your doctor and some sort of detailed invoice from us. We are happy to create documentation that matches their requirements. If you have any questions please contact us. Our team would be happy to help you with the details.

TheraSpecs are HSA and FSA eligible and you can use your card for payment when you check out online. That process usually goes smoothly, but sometimes there’s a hiccup when insurance companies need to approve new vendors. If the transaction doesn’t go through, contact your health insurance company or card issuer to ask them to approve TheraSpecs as a vendor. We can also provide the medical description of TheraSpecs, if required.

You can see available promotions and discounts here. You can also buy more and save by getting $20 off when you buy two pairs of TheraSpecs and an extra $10 off for every additional pair in the same transaction.

Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping

60-day return guarantee

60-day return guarantee

Free shipping on US orders

Free shipping on US orders