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Q: How do TheraSpecs work?

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Q: Will TheraSpecs help with eyestrain from computers, devices, and TVs?

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Choosing Your TheraSpecs

Q: Can I get TheraSpecs with prescription lenses?

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Ordering, Shipping and Returns

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Clinical research has shown that the eyes and brain do not react to all wavelengths of light in the same way. Some wavelengths of blue light—found in everything from sunlight to lightbulbs to mobile and device screens—are more likely to activate the nerves in the eye and brain, causing pain and eye strain in people who are sensitive to light. Furthermore, LEDs and fluorescent lights flicker very rapidly, even when working properly. That rate is too fast to see consciously. However, the brain still detects that pulsing even though the eyes can’t. Some repeating patterns, such as flickering lights or even stripes of certain widths, can trigger migraines, headaches, eye strain, and other symptoms. And this pulsing is most intense at certain wavelengths.

The tint we use in every pair of TheraSpecs filters these problematic wavelengths of blue light, relieving such problems as migraines, post-concussion headaches or other light-sensitive headaches, photophobia, eye strain and dizziness or vertigo triggered by light.

Yes! TheraSpecs are therapeutic blue light glasses that target the most harmful blue light at and around 480nm, which is the wavelength research has shown to aggravate migraine, concussion and other light-sensitive conditions. Our lenses block up to 25 times more of this problematic blue light than typical glasses marketed as blocking blue light—whether they have clear- or yellow-tinted lenses, or use a cosmetic rose tint. We even filter up to twice as much blue light as other real FL-41 glasses. As a result, TheraSpecs are simply more effective for people with light-sensitive conditions. In addition, most blue light glasses focus on only a narrow band of blue light, while our glasses filter a wider range of light—particularly from screens, fluorescents, LEDs and other artificial sources—that research has shown to cause the most pain and symptom exacerbation for people with light sensitivity. If you want to see exactly how much more blue light TheraSpecs block when compared with other brands, read our article here.

Yes, both our indoor and outdoor lenses use FL-41. Learn more about its benefits for light sensitivity why research shows it is best for tinted migraine glasses.

Both indoor and outdoor TheraSpecs use the same therapeutic tint that blocks harmful blue light. Our indoor lenses are tinted much more lightly than sunglasses and therefore do not risk increasing your light sensitivity when worn indoors. In addition, other people can still see your eyes while you are wearing them, so they don’t feel as isolating as sunglasses. They are designed to be worn near artificial light (LEDs, fluorescents) and while looking at screens, such as on computers, devices, and TVs.

Our outdoor lenses are much darker, like dark sunglasses, and are polarized to block the reflected glare off cars, roads, water, and other flat surfaces outside. They are designed to be worn in bright sunlight and provide more relief than other high-quality sunglasses by reducing the specific wavelengths of light that cause the most pain. Outdoor TheraSpecs are suitable for driving during the day.

If exposure to light causes you painful light sensitivity or triggers symptoms of a health condition, or if screen time or artificial fluorescent lighting leave you feeling unwell, then we think TheraSpecs can help you. Clinical research shows the TheraSpecs tint can help reduce migraine attacks and light-sensitive headaches by 74% as well lessen photophobia symptoms[1,2]. We also have thousands of customers every year tell us about the relief and protection they found with our glasses—which you can read about on our website or on Instagram.

That said, every brain is different, which is why you have 60 days to make sure they give you the relief you're seeking.

TheraSpecs can provide protection and relief for many of the conditions that are impacted by light and light sensitivity. The most common conditions for which customers try and find relief with TheraSpecs include:

The original research that motivated our founders was focused on migraine, but TheraSpecs help with most conditions that have a light sensitivity component. If you have a question about a condition not listed above, please don't hesitate to contact us.

TheraSpecs can definitely help with eye strain from computer, device, and TV screens. The light from screens is especially high in blue light, which is the part of the spectrum that causes the most pain and discomfort for people who are sensitive to light. TheraSpecs filter as much as 25 times more blue light than typical blue light glasses, so they provide even more relief for people with light sensitivity.

Beyond blue light, there are other reasons that looking at a computer may make you uncomfortable. Talk to your eye doctor about computer eye strain if you haven't already. Reading glasses or eye drops may help, too. (And if you need reading glasses, we can create TheraSpecs readers or reader bifocals in TheraSpecs frames or a frame you own. Just choose the correction type "reading glasses" on any individual style page.)

TheraSpecs can provide immediate relief for painful sensitivity to light (photophobia), no matter what condition is causing it. In fact, many of our customers report that their eyes and brain relax when they put on their TheraSpecs for the first time and that this relief just improves with extended wear. Even if you don’t have that immediate sense of relief, don’t get discouraged! It can take a few weeks for you to adjust to the TheraSpecs tint before starting to feel the benefits. And over time, TheraSpecs can help prevent the onset of light-triggered symptoms, particularly when worn in lighting conditions you know are likely to trigger them.

For those using TheraSpecs specifically for migraine and headaches, they can prevent attacks that are triggered by light exposure. In fact, one study showed that migraine frequency declined immediately after patients began wearing the TheraSpecs tint and continued to decline over the course of the five-month trial[1]. For prevention, we recommend you try your TheraSpecs for at least a month to get used to them and see how effective they are for you.

Some customers find TheraSpecs can stop a migraine attack that’s already begun, especially if they catch it early. While entirely stopping an attack isn’t the typical response, TheraSpecs reduce pain levels and painful sensitivity to light during an attack.

If you want specific information about additional treatment options for migraine, visit our Migraine Treatment and Relief FAQ.

Wear your TheraSpecs whenever light is bothering you and/or when you are around known light triggers, such as fluorescent and LED lights, mobile and device screens or sunlight. They can also help whenever your eyes are "busy," such as watching TV, using a computer, or reading.

In addition, there is no evidence that your eyes will become “dependent” on wearing TheraSpecs, so they will not worsen your light sensitivity over time. We recommend that you do not regularly wear our outdoor glasses inside because it could lead to dark adaptation, but otherwise you can wear TheraSpecs as much as you need to without side effects.

We’re on a mission to truly help people, so we’ve rooted our efforts in science. Visit the Backed by Research section of the “Why TheraSpecs” page to find articles that delve into the effects of lighting as well as independent studies that have verified the benefits of the tint we use in every pair of TheraSpecs.

The tint in indoor TheraSpecs makes the lenses a dusty rose color. The polarization and dark tinting makes outdoor TheraSpecs lenses appear more like a standard brown sunglasses lens, but with a pinkish hue that adds additional light filtering and gives you more protection.

We don't offer any other lens colors because other colors have been shown to be less effective for relieving light sensitivity.

You will still be able to see all colors while wearing TheraSpecs lenses. There will be minimal, but noticeable, change in color perception; however, most people adjust quickly to this and even grow to prefer the color with TheraSpecs on!

If you need to do precision color work (like graphic design or photo editing), you may find the color interferes with the work. We have a 60-day return and exchange window, so you're welcome to try them and see if they'll work for you.

Yes, we can create prescription TheraSpecs lenses. We can make them either in our frames or frames you provide. We can work with almost all prescriptions including bifocal and tri-focal lenses, progressive lenses, and prisms. On our shop page, simply click on the style(s) you're interested in, select correction type "Prescription," and fill out the remaining details to complete your order. We can also make TheraSpecs in full- or partial-lens readers; just choose correction type "Reading Glasses."

Each product page on our website includes frame measurement and style weight (including lenses) information. You can also compare different styles below. In addition, our shop page offers helpful filtering options for frames that are better suited for smaller or broader faces, offer side protection, are extra lightweight, and more.

For petite faces, we recommend Lane, Betty, Hudson, Keaton, and Petite Wrap, which are our smallest styles. Even though they are a bit larger, Audrey, Classic, and Pilot look great on smaller faces and are quite popular among customers who prefer petite frames.

For customers with wide faces, Winslow, Pilot, Conrad, Haven, and Fremont are the most popular. Because they have metal nosepieces, they are easily adjusted to fit a wide variety of faces. (Customers who normally wear frames that are 155 mm wide find these styles very comfortable once adjusted.) Stella, Wrap, and WearOver are our widest frames.

We have several frames available for children and those with smaller faces, including our Petite Wrap style. In addition, many of our other styles (Lane, Classic, Hudson, Keaton) will also fit most kids elementary school-aged and older. In addition, you can always send us a frame that you know your child will wear and we'll mount TheraSpecs lenses in it.

Lastly, if you have a child age 5 or younger that may benefit from TheraSpecs, give us a call at 602-456-6896. We may have additional options available for you.

If you want a style we do not offer, we can always put our lenses into any frame that you like and send to us! To order using one of your frames with or without prescription, visit theraspecs.com/siyof. You can also reach out to our team for additional support or questions.

After you've finished placing a "Send In Your Own Frames" order, pack your frames securely, and send them to:

Attn: Custom —[Your Name]
2150 E. Highland Ave. Suite 204
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Once your frames arrive in our office, we'll send a confirmation email and start crafting your new lenses!

We designed our Original WearOver and Tatum WearOver frames specifically for this purpose.


Standard indoor and outdoor TheraSpecs are not designed for night driving use because they are considered too dark under most US traffic laws. However, we can create specialty “night-driving” lenses in any of our frames or one you send us—simply visit theraspecs.com/extra to purchase or learn more.

Indoor TheraSpecs are not polarized because polarization makes viewing most screens difficult or impossible. In addition, polarization further darkens lenses which would make them too dark for wearing indoors. The effect would be like wearing sunglasses indoors, which can lead to chronic dark adaptation.

We recommend polarization only on outdoor glasses, which is why outdoor TheraSpecs are polarized (and much darker) and are fantastic for bright outdoor light and glare.

Yes, all standard, non-prescription indoor and outdoor TheraSpecs provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.

We test every frame for comfort and our customers tell us we have succeeded. We make every style as lightweight as possible, and they are all adjustable so that you can be sure they don't squeeze or irritate your head. If you are particularly concerned about the fit or feel of a frame, our customer care team can help you find a good style for your needs. Only you can know for sure, though. If you don't think your pair is comfortable, you can always exchange them or return them for a refund. Also, if you have a pair of frames you love, we can put TheraSpecs lenses into them. Contact us for details.

We do not because we have found that transition lenses do not darken enough, or quickly enough, to provide adequate relief or protection outside for people with light sensitivity. We have found it is far more effective to have separate lenses for use inside and outside. (And if you purchase our "combo" of any given style you'll receive a discount of at least $30 compared to the purchase of indoor and outdoor pairs separately.)

TheraSpecs can only be purchased online. We know that buying glasses online can be intimidating for some people—what if they don’t fit? What if they don’t work for me? What if I don’t like the frame style? That’s why we have tried to make buying over the internet as smooth as possible with:

Absolutely! We are able to ship TheraSpecs to most countries all over the world, including Canada, the UK, other countries in Europe, Australia and more. We offer a variety of shipping options and prices, which you can see in the cart or at checkout after filling in your address information. You can also connect with our team to get shipping details for your country.

We will ship non-custom TheraSpecs on the same or next business day after we receive your order. Delivery time depends on your location and the shipment method you choose. Custom orders—like prescription lenses, extra-light or extra-dark lenses, and readers—take additional time (approximately 3 weeks) to make at our lab. Shipping times are the same once we get them back from the lab. Click here for more shipping details.

You sure can! We offer exchanges for any non-custom TheraSpecs within 60 days of purchase. Learn more about how to request an exchange and other details at theraspecs.com/exchanges.

While TheraSpecs help the vast majority of people who wear them, we know every brain is different. That’s why we believe in no-hassle returns and exchanges. You can return undamaged, non-custom TheraSpecs within 60 days of purchase for a refund or exchange them for another frame style or lens option. Custom products are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Clearance items cannot be returned, but exchanges are welcome for non-custom clearance products. We encourage you to read our full return policy to learn more.

Often. While we are unable to bill insurance companies directly, many of our customers have received reimbursement for their TheraSpecs purchase from their insurer. Every insurance company has different requirements for reimbursement, so we recommend contacting your insurer to learn what they need. Most often they will require an order for TheraSpecs from your doctor and some sort of detailed invoice from us. We are happy to create documentation that matches their requirements. If you have any questions please contact us. Our team would be happy to help you with the details.

TheraSpecs are HSA and FSA eligible and you can use your card for payment when you check out online. That process usually goes smoothly, but sometimes there’s a hiccup when insurance companies need to approve new vendors. If the transaction doesn’t go through, contact your health insurance company or card issuer to ask them to approve TheraSpecs as a vendor. We can also provide the medical description of TheraSpecs, if required.

You can see available promotions and discounts here.

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Secure Shopping

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60-day return guarantee

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