TheraSpecs® Migraine Glasses

Learn how TheraSpecs lenses provide protection and relief for migraine and headache disorders

Research shows TheraSpecs migraine glasses and migraine sunglasses relieve painful light sensitivity better than regular sunglasses and also reduce the number of migraine attacks. A clinical study of people who wore the TheraSpecs tint showed a 74% decrease in the number of migraine attacks per month!1

TheraSpecs FL-Pro and FL-Blend Migraine Glasses in Audrey Frame

Lens Options for Migraines and Headaches

TheraSpecs Migraine Glasses Reviews

Thousands of people with migraine have tried TheraSpecs with nearly 90% experiencing some level of relief. These migraine glasses reviews highlight many of their stories.

What customers are saying

Aconda wearing FL-Pro migraine glasses, Audrey TheraSpecs

"With TheraSpecs your brain will feel so relaxed and your eyes will feel so relieved from any extra tension. I tried these out for 2 weeks and was amazed, and still wear them daily. I was so hyped about these glasses because I suffer from chronic migraines."
-Aconda, Arizona, wearing FL-Pro (extra) lenses

James wearing TheraSpecs FL-Pro Migraine Glasses

"The second I put my new Mercer Theraspecs on I started crying. I could finally see and felt like I was even breathing differently when I have them on. I have been so much more productive at work since I no longer have persistent migraines!
-James, Iowa, wearing FL-Pro (extra) lenses

Ash wearing FL-Pro TheraSpecs migraine glasses, Keaton frame

"I got these glasses from TheraSpecs to help with my migraines, and they’ve seriously been a game changer. If you’re often triggered by screen light/fluorescent lights or just FRIGGIN light in general check them out."
-Ash, Texas, wearing FL-Pro (extra) lenses

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Migraine Glasses Give Freedom From Painful Light Sensitivity

Migraine-related light sensitivity can affect as many as 80-90% of people with migraine and headache disorders, regardless of type, making it the second most common symptom behind head pain. TheraSpecs use therapeutic migraine lenses to block the specific light that causes migraines or worsens attacks after they start.2 This is what gives our glasses their unique tint and allows them to provide natural migraine relief for all types of migraine and headache disorders, including:

Three lens options are available for migraine and/or headache disorders.

TheraSpecs FL-Pro™ maximizes the filtering power of FL-41 to remove the most harmful wavelengths of light and protect you against computer and device screens, fluorescent lighting, LEDs and other artificial sources.

TheraSpecs FL-Blend™ also uses FL-41 and balances the filtering of triggering light with a less noticeable tint to provide meaningful relief for symptoms brought on by artificial light.

TheraSpecs FL-Sun™ embraces the benefits of FL-41 by applying the tint to dark, polarized lenses that block more than 92% of the most harmful wavelengths.3 They tame bright sunlight and harsh glare, making them the best sunglasses for migraines you’ll own.

Extra discounts are also available when you buy more than one pair. Plus, with multiple frame options available and the choice to send in your own frame, you can also make sure to find migraine and headache relief that fits your style.

Research shows that TheraSpecs:

  • Reduce migraines and headaches
  • Relieve migraine-related light sensitivity
  • Lessen pain intensity and other migraine symptoms triggered by light
  • Protect you from screens, fluorescent lights, LEDs, and all artificial light (FL-Pro and FL-Blend)
  • Protect you from sunlight and outdoor glare (FL-Sun)

Woman wearing TheraSpecs therapeutic glasses for migraine and migraine relief

Shipped Worldwide, including the US, UK and Canada

TheraSpecs can be purchased quickly, easily, and securely through our online store. Whether you live in the US, UK, Australia, Canada or just about anywhere else in the world, we are able to get our migraine and headache glasses right to your door. We even have a free shipping option for all US orders. In-stock pairs ship the same or next business day; custom orders take approximately three weeks.

Custom frames and glasses with prescription

For customers with existing prescription eyewear, we have fitover styles like Original WearOver and Tatum WearOver. TheraSpecs lenses can be made with your prescription too—either in a standard frame or one you already own. Readers, clip-ons, and other custom frames can also be made with our therapeutic lenses.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

While we think that TheraSpecs will help, every brain is different. If they don’t help, you can always return your undamaged pair back to us for a fast and courteous refund. We also accept exchanges for in-stock glasses, if you would like to try another frame or a different lens option.

Try them and see how they can help you or your loved one take control, stop fearing the light, and find relief!


1Good PA, Taylor RH, Mortimer MJ. “The use of tinted glasses in childhood migraine.” Headache. 1991 Sep;31(8):533-6

2M. Tatsumoto, T. Eda, T. Ishikawa, M. Ayama, K. Hirata “Light of Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cell (ipRGC) Causing Migraine Headache Exacerbation.” IHC symposium OR3. 2013 June

3Visible light transmission by wavelength measured using f.luxometer software

Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping

60-day return guarantee

60-day return guarantee

Free shipping on US orders

Free shipping on US orders