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Embrace Light. Embrace Life.

TheraSpecs® glasses protect you from screens, fluorescent and LED lighting, sunlight, and other irritating light. Look good, feel good, and enjoy more of the things you love.

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A Full Range of Protective Glasses for:

Computer screen icon Phone, computer, and other device screens
Fluorescent light icon Fluorescent and/or LED lighting
Flashing siren lights icon Flashing lights and/or repeating patterns
Disruptive blue light icon Disruptive blue light
Bright sunlight icon Sunlight and outdoor glare
Car headlights icon Headlights while driving at night
Other bright light icon Other bright and/or harsh lighting

Life Without Limits

New memories and brighter days are ahead with TheraSpecs. Try the glasses that people like you have said help reduce the interference of light in their life:

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These glasses have changed my life! I have extreme sensitivity to bright light...from sunshine, to computer screen and tv. I've been wearing them a little over a month now and no more ocular migraines. I feel like I have my life back again for the first time in many years.
Barbara, living with migraine and photophobia

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I am amazed by how good they are! I am a DJ and could not do big events before because my eyes are so sensitive to lights, especially strobe lights, and now I can work on big productions and not be scared of having a seizure or a headache. Thank you so much!
Lilianna, living with photosensitive seizures and light-sensitive headaches

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I have struggled with photophobia since a major concussion 7 years ago (especially in fluorescent lights). I have had a noticeable reduction in headaches since starting to wear these as I go back to school for the first time since my injury. It is amazing how much more productive I can be when I don't have "that" headache all day. Not too often I say this, but these have been life-changing.
Shannon, living with post-concussion photophobia and fluorescent-light headaches

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They really do give me a lot of relief, especially outdoors. I have Visual Snow Syndrome and when I'm outdoors during the day (no matter what level of sunlight), I have what looks like heat waves plus static in my vision. It's terrible, but TheraSpecs almost always dull it down enough to make it tolerable and sometimes mild enough that I can ignore it. These are definitely the only thing that has worked for me so far!
Rebecca, living with visual snow syndrome and sunlight sensitivity

Your Personal Defense Against Disruptive Light

Different wavelengths may affect you in different ways, especially if you are already sensitive to light. Fluorescent lighting and screens have been shown to trigger migraine attacks and photophobia; visibly flashing lights can prompt seizures for a person with photosensitive epilepsy; blue light can hinder sleep or lead to eye strain and headaches.1-3

TheraSpecs are made with you in mind. Each of our specialized lenses filter specific wavelengths of light, so that individuals living with different types of light sensitivity can more effectively manage the light that they are exposed to.

Choose Your Lens
Various TheraSpecs styles with assortment of lenses

Every pair of TheraSpecs has a tint that is:

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Designed to target certain wavelengths of light and deliver the right protection for you

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Optimized for specific lighting conditions, based on our review of current published, peer-reviewed research

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Tested to ensure filtering accuracy as well as optimal lens and frame quality

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Enhanced with coatings that block 100% UVA/UVB light and reduce scratching and glare

Your TheraSpecs, Your Way

TheraSpecs variety of lenses for protection

A variety of lenses, each one designed to protect from light that may give you trouble

Variety of TheraSpecs Frame Styles

Dozens of frames and frame colors or send us your own

Icon for Prescription Rx Glasses by TheraSpecs

Non-prescription, prescription and reader lenses available

We've Got You Covered


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Protection is a good look on you

Young woman wearing FL-Pro TheraSpecs in Classic style
FL-Pro Lens
Man wearing TheraSpecs FL-Blend lenses in Quinn style
FL-Blend Lens
Young woman in hat wearing TheraSpecs Z-Blue lenses in Pilot style
Z-Blue Lens
Man looking away in TheraSpecs FL-Sun lenses in Mercer style
FL-Sun Lens
Woman wearing TheraSpecs Flex lens, Osborn frame
Flex Lens
Young woman wearing TheraSpecs Contrast HEV lens
Contrast HEV Lens

Trusted by customers and experts

TheraSpecs Glasses Trusted by Customers and Experts

More Than Just Glasses

Audrey frame in Indigo Confetti

Every pair of TheraSpecs is built on a great foundation.

Our frames use high-quality and durable materials to ensure long-lasting wear. They are also designed to be as lightweight as possible while adding the right amount of flexibility to maximize your comfort.

TheraSpecs features multiple coatings for added protection and durability

Our lenses start with a base of high-grade, optical-quality nylon and add layers of premium anti-scratch, anti-smudge and anti-reflective coatings to enhance their durability and effectiveness.

TheraSpecs Case and Cloth

Every pair comes with a case and a microfiber cloth, protecting your TheraSpecs so they can protect you.

Pick Your Perfect TheraSpecs

A Lens For Your Needs

TheraSpecs FL-Pro lens for artificial lights


Your Game Changer for Artificial Lights and Digital Device Screens

The lens that started it all and that customers have loved for more than a decade, FL-Pro levels up your protection for artificial lighting like fluorescent lights, LEDs, and device screens. This rose-colored lens uses FL-41 to filter irritating wavelengths between 480-520nm. If you have migraine, light-sensitive headaches, post-concussion symptoms, photophobia, and/or are sensitive to fluorescent lighting, we recommend trying FL-Pro as part of your light management toolkit.

TheraSpecs FL-Blend lens for artificial lights


Enjoy Balanced Protection And See The World More Naturally

FL-Blend combines the right amount of critical protection against artificial light sources like fluorescents and digital screens with more natural color perception. A subtle take on the FL-41 lens tint, it targets harsh light between 480-520nm with a softer plum tint to ensure all-day comfort. If you are wanting a truer color experience from your eyewear, we recommend adding FL-Blend to your light management toolkit as it may help you live better with migraine, light sensitivity, brain injury symptoms, or other issues aggravated by light.

TheraSpecs Z-Blue lens for flashing lights and repeating patterns


Your New Ally For Flashing Lights And Repeating Patterns

Z-Blue is your upgraded defense for visibly flashing lights and repeating patterns. From strobe lighting at concerts to intense flashing during your favorite shows or movies, this lens cuts down on the problematic wavelengths from 580-640nm to protect you from light wherever you are. We recommend people with photosensitive epilepsy and seizure disorders add Z-Blue (in Extra or Max strength) to their light management toolkit. Brain injury survivors who are looking for protection in a variety of bright environments may also consider Z-Blue (in Standard or Extra strength).

TheraSpecs Flex lens for bright light


Take The Edge Off Harsh Light With A Barely-Visible Tint

Flex is versatility in a minimal, peach-colored lens. It delivers subtle protection against irritating light, so you can make them your favorite all-day computer or screen glasses. Flex takes the edge off of the harsh and/or bright light you're surrounded by, which may help with mild light sensitivity, headaches, or eyestrain as part of your light management plan—all while helping you keep a low profile. Flex is light enough that it is legal to wear while driving at night in most locations.*

TheraSpecs Sleep Lens for Blue Light


Promote Sleep By Blocking Blue Light Before Bedtime

Sleep is the newest addition to your evening routine. This orange lens blocks 100% of blue light which may affect sleep patterns and melatonin production. Blocking blue light before bedtime may help promote a healthy sleep cycle to help you wind down before sleep and wake up ready to take on the next day! We recommend wearing Sleep in the 2-3 hours before bedtime to enjoy its full benefits.

TheraSpecs Contrast HEV lens for Visual Contrast

Contrast HEV

Sharper Contrast For A Fresh View

Contrast HEV helps you see the world in higher definition. By filtering the high-energy visible light below 455nm that our eyes don’t focus well, this lightly tinted yellow lens brings greater visual contrast and sharpness for your favorite activities. If screens or bright lights give you visual discomfort, we suggest making Contrast HEV part of your light management toolkit. Contrast HEV is light enough that it is legal to wear while driving at night in most locations.*

TheraSpecs FL-Sun Sunglasses Lens for Sunlight


The best sunglasses lens you've ever tried

FL-Sun will be your new favorite sunglasses lens and will take extra care of your eyes when you go outside. It uses the power of FL-41, with enhanced filtering from 480-520nm, and wraps it in a dark, polarized lens so you have maximum protection against bright sunlight and outdoor glare. FL-Sun is the perfect option when you’re on the go; add it to your outdoor light management plan if you have migraine and/or photophobia, or just make it your next awesome pair of everyday sunnies.

Take back your health.

Try TheraSpecs risk-free for 60 days. Money back guarantee!

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*TheraSpecs Flex and Contrast HEV transmit approximately 90% of all light, making it compliant with traffic laws in most places for night driving. However, users are responsible for ensuring their use complies with all applicable traffic regulations and that road lighting is sufficient for safe use. Always drive responsibly and remain attentive to the road and lighting conditions, traffic signals, and other vehicles.

1Wilkins AJ, Nimmo-Smith I, Slater AI, Bedocs L. “Fluorescent lighting, headaches and eyestrain.” Lighting Research and Technology 1989 March;21(3) 1 11-18

2Fisher RS, Harding G, Erba G, Barkley GL, Wilkins A; Epilepsy Foundation of America Working Group. Photic- and pattern-induced seizures: a review for the Epilepsy Foundation of America Working Group. Epilepsia. 2005;46(9):1426-1441. doi:10.1111/j.1528-1167.2005.31405.x

3Kim DJ, Lim CY, Gu N, Park CY. Visual Fatigue Induced by Viewing a Tablet Computer with a High-resolution Display. Korean J Ophthalmol. 2017;31(5):388-393. doi:10.3341/kjo.2016.0095