FL-41 Glasses

Research shows that FL-41 glasses filter certain wavelengths that can relieve painful light sensitivity, reduce migraine attack frequency, protect from fluorescent lights and more. But not all FL-41 tinted glasses are equal. Unlike many other FL-41 glasses, TheraSpecs lenses are measured to verify they are filtering the correct wavelengths and their frames are designed to maximize relief.


"I popped my TheraSpecs on as soon as I got the box and the first word that came out of my mouth was "ahhhh!" They are amazingly lightweight and the wrap-around design really blocks light from the sides. I will be wearing them all the time indoors! TheraSpecs are a small miracle for this chronic migraineur!"

-Julie Franklin, Tennessee


"TheraSpecs have truly been a life saver for me. I’ve gone from barely being able to work 4 hours in a day and then needing to pass out on the couch to being able to work 10 hours without any effect. After having a migraine every day for 6 months I have finally been without pain. Wow!"

-Kathleen San Francisco, CA


Designed for Maximum Relief

TheraSpecs are the only migraine glasses designed specifically for migraine sufferers. They block light from above and the sides and are ultra-lightweight and flexible to minimize pressure on already-sensitive heads.

Money-back Guaranteed

While we think that TheraSpecs will help, every brain is different. If they don’t help you can always return your undamaged pair back to us for a fast and courteous refund.

Try them and see how they can help you or your loved one take control, stop fearing the light, and find relief!


Customer Kudos

" TheraSpecs have been a life-changer for me. For those who struggle with lights, this is a product that cannot be passed by! "

—Heather Northwest OH