Photophobia Glasses for Light Sensitivity Relief

What is photophobia?

A person with photophobia has a strong intolerance to light, which can cause intense pain. Photophobia literally translates to “fear of light,” but it is actually a neurological condition that stems from how receptors in the eye communicate with the brain. In the medical profession, it more broadly refers to painful light sensitivity, which can be associated with many conditions, including migraine, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-concussion syndrome, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and many others.

Exposure to any light can impact your health significantly and trigger or worsen photophobia; fluorescent lighting, LEDs, computer and device screens, and sunlight are especially troublesome. All these light sources are particularly high in blue light, which research shows causes the most pain response in people who are sensitive to light. When compared to other glasses that are marketed as blocking blue light, tests show TheraSpecs block as much as 25 times more blue light1, which makes them more effective for photophobia relief.

Photophobia Glasses by TheraSpecs, Haven frame

What is the best treatment for photophobia and light sensitivity?

The most effective way to reduce light sensitivity is with the use of special photophobia glasses that filter the harmful wavelengths present in many common sources of indoor and outdoor light. TheraSpecs® are the best glasses for individuals with light sensitivity, blending frame protection with precision-tinted lenses. Based on decades of published research on FL-41 glasses, TheraSpecs lenses block the bad light to provide natural photophobia relief for light sensitive eyes. In addition, TheraSpecs are an effective alternative to wearing sunglasses indoors, which is a common practice among people with photophobia and can actually increase light sensitivity over time (known as dark adaptation).

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TheraSpecs indoor glasses for photophobia are lightly tinted to help block fluorescent lights and other harsh interior lighting; TheraSpecs outdoor sunglasses for photophobia are tinted dark and polarized for bright days. Discounted indoor and outdoor combos are also available. For customers with existing prescription glasses, they also can be made with prescription FL-41 lenses—either in a standard TheraSpecs frame or a frame you already own.

Research shows that TheraSpecs:

  • Reduce migraines and headaches

  • Relieve migraine-related light sensitivity

  • Protect you from fluorescent lights

Woman wearing indoor TheraSpecs blue light glasses for photophobia

What customers are saying

Chelsea wearing indoor photophobia glasses, custom frame TheraSpecs

"I finally got TheraSpecs and was able to get through my days and even have one or two days a month without any light sensitivity at all! I'm able to have curtains open in my house during the day...and can handle going into stores and watching TV after a day of computer work."
-Chelsea, Massachussetts, USA

Trenton wearing indoor photophobia glasses, Haven TheraSpecs

"I have a light sensitivity disorder which can trigger migraines and seizures. My neurologist suggested these and they have saved me from fluorescent light...and have helped me be able to handle most indoor lighting."
-Trenton S., Colorado, USA

Hannah and her mother wearing indoor photophobia glasses, Pilot TheraSpecs

"My mom had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) after a fall at the beginning of the year. She is very sensitive to light right now and just got your glasses. She LOVES them and they really help her."
-Hannah P., Oklahoma, USA

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Money-back Guaranteed

We think TheraSpecs can help with your photophobia and light sensitivity, but every brain is different. If they don’t bring you relief, you can always return your undamaged pair(s) back to us for a fast and courteous refund. Try them out and protect yourself from harmful light so you can get back to the things you love today!


1Visible light transmission by wavelength measured using f.luxometer software

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