Haven TheraSpecs

Stainless steel rim frames with flexible plastic arms in one of three colors
Indoor TheraSpecs for relief near artificial lights and computer screens; Outdoor TheraSpecs for relief in bright sunlight
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Haven TheraSpecs

Haven TheraSpecs combine our precision-tinted lenses with an understated style that looks natural at work or school. From the front, Haven looks like a normal wire rim frame, but from the side their lenses curve around your face like wrap sports glasses to maximize protection.

The rim on Haven TheraSpecs is made of stainless steel which is stronger, lighter, and more adjustable than standard materials. To maximize adjustability and minimize pressure points, their temples are made of TR-90 aerospace plastic with adjustable tips and their nose pads are soft, flexible silicon on an articulated hinge. These materials also mean that Haven is also our lightest style yet!

Haven TheraSpecs are available with temples in your choice of three colors: glossy black, deep blue, or classic tortoise shell.

Indoor TheraSpecs are great for wearing near artificial light and while working on a computer. Some people also like wearing them outdoors on overcast days. Outdoor TheraSpecs provide more relief than normal sunglasses for bright sunlight. Like all TheraSpecs, they:

  • Reduce headache and migraine frequency and intensity
  • Relieve painful light sensitivity and glare
  • Protect you from fluorescent lighting

Haven TheraSpecs come with a microfiber carrying bag.

Haven TheraSpecs Combo Dimensions

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Woman wearing Haven TheraSpecs Indoor