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2022: A Year of Relief, Memories and Moments with TheraSpecs

2022: A Year of Relief, Memories and Moments with TheraSpecs

Written by Greg Bullock on 28th Dec 2022

With a new year almost upon us, we wanted to reflect on and share in the big and small joys that put a smile on our face in 2022. For starters, we added more frame colors to two of our most popular styles, Mercer and Pilot, so you can have even more stylish options for your relief. *Hint, hint: We're hoping 2023 will be an even bigger year for new frame styles and colors!

We were also featured in some of the most prominent online publications, including WebMD, Glamour and SELF magazine. These features help us further our mission by reaching more people that we can help with our eyewear—not to mention that the recommendations themselves come from incredibly well-respected headache specialists, neurologists and patient advocates.

But mostly, this year was about you, about the wins that you experienced in 2022. You all made our glasses part of thousands of memories throughout the year, from your average everyday morning commute that was made more comfortable to those special moments with family and friends that would not have happened otherwise. Here are just a handful of the ones that gave us all the feels:

Our favorite TheraSpecs stories in 2022

Aconda wearing Audrey TheraSpecs with indoor lenses

"I tried these out for 2 weeks and was amazed, and still wear them daily. I love how I can write for hours and the glasses block out blue light. I can live my best life outdoors hiking and not be as affected by the sun with my outdoor TheraSpecs."

-Aconda, Glendale, AZ
Audrey (Garnet Red), Indoor

Charles wearing Classic Indoor TheraSpecs

"Thanks to TheraSpecs I’m able to enjoy the things in life I enjoy. The reason I have to wear them now is because I hit my head extremely hard this past November. I started developing really bad migraines from lights and sounds, and so far these have eased it up."

-Charles, St. Louis, MO
Classic, Indoor

Amanda wearing Pilot (Gold) Indoor TheraSpecs

"These have been a GAME CHANGER and I’ve only had them for a couple of days. I got through Kroger like a champ today with hardly any hiccups, AND, I watched a full hour and a half of tv, something I’ve not been able to do since December!"

-Amanda, Nashville, TN
Pilot (Gold), Indoor

Meghan wearing outdoor TheraSpecs, Keaton black frame

"TheraSpecs help make my commute on the train into NYC possible. The morning sun and motion of the train have been difficult for me post-concussion. With the help of TheraSpecs outdoor polarized glasses, I am getting back to my normal routine."

-Meghan, Florence, NJ
Keaton (Black), Outdoor

Kelsey wearing Quinn TheraSpecs, Indoor

"I wear TheraSpecs to work every day and they have helped a lot! It may not be a perfect 100% better, but I can now walk through the hallway without feeling dizzy, get less headaches, and feel like I can function normally."

Quinn (Cinnamon Tortoise), Indoor

Debbie wearing indoor Hudson TheraSpecs

"After purchasing my outdoor TheraSpecs and finding them to be fantastic in providing me with relief from the bright sunshine; I decided to purchase a pair of indoor TheraSpecs. I’m very impressed with the relief they are providing me with indoor lighting especially when using electronic devices."

-Debbie, Craig, CO
Hudson (Silver), Indoor

Conner wearing Winslow TheraSpecs, Black Frame

"Check out my cool new post-concussion syndrome and migraine relief glasses! These are helping me return to life post concussion. I’m now back at my PhD and these glasses are helping!"

Winslow (Black), Indoor

Sarah wearing Quinn TheraSpecs, Indoor

"The relief is profound and immediate. I’m autistic and just discovered I’m sensitive to certain frequencies of light which have caused sensory overload, migraine, chronic headache and CNS overload and pain. TheraSpecs cut out this light. My life just got immeasurably more pleasurable. I’m beyond relieved and happy."

-Sarah, Australia
Quinn (Cinnamon Tortoise), Indoor

Rebecca wearing Classic Indoor TheraSpecs

"My church building has horrible lighting, and I could barely manage to be there for more than a few minutes. I was recently able to try out my TheraSpecs at church, and I was able to stay in the building the whole time. The difference is incredible. I'm so glad I gave TheraSpecs a try."

-Rebecca, Lake Wylie, SC
Send In Your Own Frame (Custom), Indoor

Liam wearing indoor Keaton TheraSpecs

"TheraSpecs have been a saving grace for Liam. He was diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension a year ago and these glasses have been helping us manage his headaches."

-Mara and Liam, Buckeye, AZ
Keaton (Black), Indoor

Lauren wearing outdoor Quinn TheraSpecs

"They have helped tremendously with my healing process with light sensitivity and post concussion syndrome. Thank you!"

-Lauren, Oceanside, CA
Quinn (Smoke Grey), Outdoor

Megan wearing Audrey TheraSpecs with indoor lenses

"These glasses have provided me great confidence in various settings. The fluorescent lights in my office are horrible and these help while I'm at work, and they also help with ‘grocery store syndrome’."

-Megan, Natchez, MS
Audrey (Hickory Brown), Indoor

Ryan wearing Pilot TheraSpecs, Indoor

"Your indoor glasses are really helping me out. First long haul flight without a migraine in years!"

-Ryan, London, United Kingdom
Pilot (Gold), Indoor

Mandy wearing Hudson Indoor TheraSpecs

"TheraSpecs have been life-changing for me. [They have] allowed me to go to the store, to church, to work meetings, to the library - all of those places that have begun to exclusively use evil LED bulbs. I used to be completely isolated, but now I get to reengage with everyone else like a normal person."

-Mandy, Columbus, OH
Hudson (Black), Indoor

Corina wearing indoor Quinn TheraSpecs

"I couldn’t have done my boys volleyball tournaments without my TheraSpecs! They made the difference of me being there or having to miss it."

-Corina, Ontario, Canada
Quinn (Cinnamon Tortoise), Indoor

Thank you to everybody who supported TheraSpecs in 2022. We look forward to helping you and tens of thousands more next year!

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