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Our Lightest Weight Frames
Research Proven: Precision-tinted lenses reduce migraine attacks by up to 74 percent1, ease light sensitivity, relieve eye strain and reduce headaches.
Protection: TheraSpecs® FL-41 tinted lenses block 80% of blue light, which is known to trigger migraines, photophobia, and other light-sensitive conditions.
Better Relief Than Sunglasses: Wearing sunglasses indoors worsens light sensitivity over time2. By blocking only problematic light, TheraSpecs indoor lenses are lighter and offer more long-term relief from fluorescents and screens.
Sunlight and Glare Protection: TheraSpecs outdoor lenses provide better protection against bright sunlight than regular sunglasses. They are dark, polarized and 100% UVA/UVB blocking.
Comfort: Mercer TheraSpecs feature a rectangular shape with a gently sloping brow. They have a wider front made of TR-90 and flexible, aluminum arms, which give you an ultra-lightweight and highly protective fit.
Guarantee: 9 out of 10 customers find relief with TheraSpecs. If you don’t like our glasses or experience the benefits, return them within 60 days for a refund.
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Mercer TheraSpecs offer a subtle, rectangular profile with a gently sloping brow for versatile fashion. Mercer also combines an ultra-lightweight design with a highly protective fit; the frame is made of TR-90 and features wider lenses to cut down on the most problematic blue light from the front and side, while the arms use flexible, aluminum materials that reinforce its universal appeal. Mercer is available in four matte finishes: black, acorn (brown) tortoise, garnet red, and space blue.

Mercer weighs in at only 18.4g (indoor) and 17.5g (outdoor), with extremely flexible ear tips for a comfortable fit.

Indoor TheraSpecs are great for wearing near artificial light and while using computer or device screens. Some people also like wearing them outdoors on overcast days. Outdoor TheraSpecs provide more relief than typical sunglasses for bright sunlight. Like all TheraSpecs, the Mercer style:

  • Reduces headache and migraine frequency and intensity
  • Relieves painful light sensitivity and glare
  • Protects you from fluorescent lighting

Mercer TheraSpecs come with a microfiber carrying bag.

Mercer TheraSpecs Dimensions

1Good PA, Taylor RH, Mortimer MJ. “The use of tinted glasses in childhood migraine.” Headache. 1991 Sep.
2Digre, K. B. “Photosensitivity and the Headache and Migraine Patient.” American Migraine Foundation, 2015 July.

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