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Raven TheraSpecs

Clearance Item! Returns will not be accepted for Raven TheraSpecs. For exchanges, please email
Premium Protection: With a range of specialty lenses, TheraSpecs® protect against the light that may give you trouble, including screens, fluorescents, LEDs, flashing lights, harmful blue light, and outdoor sunlight.
Tested and Trusted: Strengthen your light management with lenses trusted by TheraSpecs customers to manage light sensitivity associated with migraines, headaches, photophobia, concussions, seizures, sleep quality, and more.
Made for Your Brain: Choose from one of our lens options or let us help you find the right lens. Add prescription or reader lenses for an even more personalized pair.
Comfort and Style: Raven is a bold butterfly silhouette with a glossy black finish, punctuated with gold accents for a touch of elegance. Its thick, wing-like design with large lenses helps provide thorough coverage from the front.
FL-Pro offers the strongest protection for artificial lights and digital device screens.; FL-Blend balances protection against screens and artificial light with more natural color perception.; Z-Blue protects from flashing lights and repeating patterns.; Our Sleep lens may help promote healthy sleep when worn before bedtime. Cannot be worn while driving.<a href='' data-reveal-id='drive_warning'>*</a>; Flex takes the edge off of harsh light with a barely-visible tint.;Contrast HEV may bring greater visual contrast and comfort for screens and bright light.; FL-Sun is the best sunglasses lens you've ever tried.
Best choice for most people.; Darker and more protective.; Strongest option for max protection. Cannot be worn while driving.<a href='' data-reveal-id='drive_warning'>*</a>; More protection than sunglasses. Dark, polarized.; Extremely dark, polarized. Cannot be worn while driving.<a href='' data-reveal-id='drive_warning'>*</a>
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Clearance Item! Returns will not be accepted for Raven TheraSpecs. For exchanges, please email

Unlock your “going out” glam with Raven TheraSpecs. Raven is a head-turning, conversation-starting butterfly silhouette with a glossy black finish, and it is punctuated with gold accents for a touch of elegance that fits any occasion. Raven does not sacrifice protection against harsh lighting either; its thick design slopes upward and outward at the top edges, creating a wing-like aesthetic with large lenses for thorough coverage from the front.

*Buy more & save! Get $20 off when you buy two pairs of TheraSpecs and an extra $10 off for every additional pair in the same order. No code required.

Raven TheraSpecs come with a case and a microfiber cleaning cloth.


Hinge to Hinge Illustration Lens Width Illustration Bridge Width Illustration Temple Length Illustration Lens Height Illustration
Hinge-to-Hinge Lens Width Bridge Width Temple Length Lens Height Weight
(all lenses*)
(FL-Sun only)
132mm 51mm 17mm 140mm 46mm 34.6g 34.6g

*Weight (all lenses) column is for all lens options except FL-Sun.

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Woman wearing TheraSpecs FL-Pro in Raven frame style

Model wearing FL-Pro, Standard Strength

TheraSpecs are the protective cornerstone that your toolkit needs for reducing unwanted light. As part of a comprehensive light management strategy, our lenses may help you if you’re living with photophobia or light-sensitive symptoms like migraine attacks, headaches, post-concussion or post-TBI symptoms, photosensitive seizures, and/or disrupted sleep.

Our customers rated TheraSpecs as 3X more likely to improve a variety of symptoms when compared with typical blue light glasses, according to survey data.1 TheraSpecs are also frequently recommended by doctors and specialists for their patients living with different types of light sensitivity.

Our range of specialty lens options and strengths were developed based on an extensive review of existing peer-reviewed clinical research so that you can find the right glasses that may help you take on whatever problematic lighting situations you face. Feel the TheraSpecs difference and embrace light with confidence!

Try the glasses that can help protect you against:

Computer screen icon Phone, computer, and other device screens
Fluorescent light icon Fluorescent and/or LED lighting
Flashing siren lights icon Flashing lights and/or repeating patterns
Disruptive blue light icon Disruptive blue light
Bright sunlight icon Sunlight and outdoor glare
Car headlights icon Headlights while driving at night
Other bright light icon Other bright and/or harsh lighting

1Based on data collected via an email survey of TheraSpecs customers who self-identified as sensitive to light and had tried TheraSpecs as well as at least one other brand of blue light glasses.

Our Impact

Woman wearing FL-Blend lenses in Audrey FrameWoman smiling wearing FL-Blend lenses in Audrey FrameMan wearing FL-Sun sunglasses in Quinn FrameYoung woman wearing Contrast HEV in Audrey FrameMan smiling while wearing FL-Blend lenses in Classic FrameWoman wearing Flex lenses in Osborn FrameMan wearing FL-Blend lenses in Quinn FrameWoman laughing wearing Z-Blue in Pilot Frame

Our customers choose TheraSpecs to help manage their light sensitivity from different symptoms and conditions such as:

  • Migraines, headaches (all types)
  • Photophobia, light sensitivity
  • Traumatic brain injuries, concussion
  • Photosensitive epilepsy, seizures
  • Disrupted sleep, circadian rhythms
  • Contrast sensitivity, visual discomfort
  • Eye strain, eye fatigue
  • Visual snow

They tell us how TheraSpecs have changed their lives, helping them enjoy the things they love without the interference of light.

More Than Just Glasses

TheraSpecs Case and Cloth

With TheraSpecs, you're getting more than a pair of glasses. From the careful design and testing of each lens to the support of our customer care team, TheraSpecs has you covered. Plus, TheraSpecs include:

  • Premium anti-scratch, anti-smudge, and anti-reflective coatings, as well as 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • A complimentary protective case and microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Domestic and international shipping options, including FREE US shipping
  • A 60-day return and exchange guarantee

Each one of our specialty tints is designed to filter unique wavelengths of light to deliver the right kind of protection for your needs.

Further customize your TheraSpecs lenses by choosing from a variety of lens tint strengths and/or by adding prescription or reader correction.

TheraSpecs Lens Options

(Available with or without prescription or as readers)

We've got your back.

Try TheraSpecs® risk-free for 60 days. Money back guarantee!

Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping

60-day return guarantee

60-day return guarantee

Free shipping on US orders

Free shipping on US orders