Fluorescent Light-Triggered Migraine Attack

Fluorescent Light-Triggered Migraine Attack

Written by Kerrie Smyres on 18th Aug 2014

It's been nearly three years since I've gone into a store without TheraSpecs. Sometimes I take them off briefly to verify I've matched a color exactly, like with embroidery floss, but always put them right back on. Except for last week when I got so absorbed in my project that I left them off. Within 10 minutes, a migraine hit. It was a particularly bad one and I was dizzy, disoriented, nauseated, woozy and irritable on top of my typical migraine symptoms.

While I wasn't happy to have a migraine, it was a good illustration of just how effective indoor TheraSpecs are for managing fluorescent lighting. Because I wear TheraSpecs literally every waking moment, it has been a long time since fluorescent lights have triggered a migraine for me. I'd forgotten just how quickly a severe migraine follows exposure. The difference really is remarkable.

Of course I knew the improvement was dramatic; Hart and I wouldn’t have started the company if it weren’t. And customers tell us all the time that TheraSpecs allow them to live their daily lives without having to worry about fluorescent lighting. Still, I hadn't experience the difference personally in so long that I'd forgotten was a major improvement it is.

I was studying marketing when Hart and I met in college. He told me he found a lot of marketing smarmy and could only do it for a product he truly believed in. Now he's running a company selling a product that has drastically improved his wife's life. There's no doubt this is something he truly believes in.

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