​Fluorescent Lights at Work: TheraSpecs to the Rescue

​Fluorescent Lights at Work: TheraSpecs to the Rescue

Written by Hart Shafer on 8th Apr 2016

The fluorescent lights of offices are a nightmare for many people who are sensitive to light or have conditions triggered or exacerbated by light. Here are some comments from customers who have found relief from fluorescent lights at work with TheraSpecs. (All are shared with permission.)

“I personally own indoor and outdoor Theraspecs and know how much they have changed my life with chronic migraines. When my husband started a 12-hour shift job working on computers in a fluorescent lit office and he started to complain of more headaches. I convinced him to try your new aviators. He LOVES them. They have reduced his eye fatigue and headaches drastically.

Thank you for making a product that helps the lives of so many!” —Theresa in Hawaii

“First I wanted to tell you how happy I am with my new custom TheraSpecs. I have a neurological condition called dysautonomia. Fluorescent lights, including the new compact bulbs, trigger severe episodes of nausea, vomiting, rapid heart rate, low blood pressure, and dizziness. As an equine veterinarian, I was finding it very difficult to work, as most barns have fluorescent lighting. I was also unable to shop without becoming extremely ill. The TheraSpecs have eliminated my symptoms in these environments. Thank you so much for designing such a life-changing product.” —Sandi in Colorado

“Just want to say that I have been wearing my TheraSpecs for almost 2 weeks and they have completely eliminated the headaches I was having. I work in an office with fluorescent lighting and I was fighting to get through the day without a vicious headache. I had tried a visor, sunglasses, removal of lights above my desk and nothing worked. My glasses are my everyday accessory in the office now, and my colleagues have named me 'Hollywood!' Thank you TheraSpecs!" —Erica in Minnesota

"I am a severe migraine sufferer and TheraSpecs have made a world of difference in my workplace! I am no longer out sick every week due to the lighting. Thanks so much for saving my job and changing my life!" —Victoria in Illinois

"I love my job at the comic book shop, but it’s very brightly lit with fluorescent lights that made me fill sick. I could barely make it through the day without my vision blurring and my eyes straining. It was worrying me because I did not want to have to quit such a perfect job!

When I got my TheraSpecs I immediately felt relief—not only did my eyes feel relaxed but my brain felt relaxed too! I wear them trough my whole 10 hour shift and my eyes only get tired when its bed time. Plus they help in school since the lighting is pretty whack too.

Thank you SOO much! :D Now I don’t have to quit my job and I can keep having fun at work." —Lea in New York

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