"Freedom to Live My Life Without Pain" (Mechael's Story)

"Freedom to Live My Life Without Pain" (Mechael's Story)

Posted by Kathy Green on 26th Jul 2017

It is often natural to focus on the physical pain associated with light sensitive migraine, but the hidden costs of the headache disorder can be equally high. Missed activities, lost productivity—ultimately the life that is not being lived—can take their toll on a person with migraine-related photophobia. So when we hear from a TheraSpecs customer who has been gifted with a newfound sense of freedom as a result of our product, we just have to share it with you. Here is what Mechael told us recently:

"These lenses are life changing for me as I have suffered from severe light sensitivity for the past 20 years. I can live my life now! I haven't had a migraine since I got these in the mail. I purchased the aviator [Pilot style] for indoor and outdoor and they look fantastic on my normal to smaller feminine face. The price was extremely reasonable for what you get back..which is freedom! Freedom to go outside without worrying when the next migraine will attach, freedom to keep my curtains in my house open so it doesn't look like a cave, freedom to live my life without pain."

But the wonderful praise does not end there. We followed up with Mechael to learn more about her experiences. She told us about the fact that she can now walk her dog, go out with friends, do yard work, and so much more. Her entire perspective has changed because of the relief she has enjoyed with TheraSpecs.

"Today I was able to be painfree, light sensitive free, and motion sickness free...My whole outlook on life is brighter because I'm not in agonizing constant pain! I'm more social, more adventurous, more me!!!!!"

And who doesn't love hearing about somebody who gets to be more like themselves, or rather the person they aspire to be. Our day is a little brighter that is for sure. Fun fact: We did not exaggerate the number of exclamation points, either ;-)

Now, Mechael looks forward to the new career that she has been wanting to pursue and which she now has the confidence to take up. She also has some advice for anyone who deals with light sensitivity the way she does and who may be considering TheraSpecs or other options to improve the symptoms.

"To anyone who hasn't tried TheraSpecs I would say order some right away! These may seem small to the person without my condition but to me it's been a life-altering, prayers-answered, so-thankful kind of change!"

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Mechael wearing Pilot TheraSpecs Indoor

Mechael wearing Pilot TheraSpecs Indoor

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