"Giving Me Time Back with My Family" (Maureen’s Story)

"Giving Me Time Back with My Family" (Maureen’s Story)

Posted by Greg Bullock on 21st Feb 2019

Most of our customers do not need to imagine what it is like to experience daily migraine attacks—instead, this is simply their reality. Maureen from Connecticut is one of those who had to endure the challenges of constant migraine pain for over a year.

"They just started one day and were just one after another," she told us. "I soon recognized the primary role of artificial lights, and particularly LEDs, in triggering them—usually within about 30 seconds of exposure."

Harsh lighting even sidelined her from participating in one of her most cherished activities: skating with her family at a local ice rink. She just did not want to risk an attack.

However, better understanding how light sensitivity affected her migraine attacks enabled Maureen to take the next critical step in her journey. She turned her efforts toward identifying ways to manage the impact of bright light, which ultimately led her to discovering TheraSpecs glasses as photophobia remedy.

As she began to wear TheraSpecs regularly, she recognized the huge difference they were making in her migraine frequency. In fact, she says she now has only one or two attacks a month!

Yet the real test would come when she visited the ice rink that reliably triggered her symptoms. And this time, things were very different.

Maureen with TheraSpecs, skating with her family
Above: Maureen back at the Connecticut ice rink under the harsh lighting, but this time with the protection of TheraSpecs precision-tinted glasses.

"This weekend I decided to give it a shot and go to the rink, and we skated for 1.5 hours with no problems. Thank you TheraSpecs for giving me that time back with my family!" she exclaimed.

"Please keep making these fantastic glasses for people like me!" she added.

That is one promise we will continue to fulfill, Maureen. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment of relief with us and keep skating!

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