"In Shock at the Difference They Made" (Ashley’s Story)

"In Shock at the Difference They Made" (Ashley’s Story)

Posted by Greg Bullock on 10th May 2019

TheraSpecs customer Ashley has been highly light sensitive for as long as she can remember. She even recalls having to get a doctor’s note in middle school just for permission to wear sunglasses in her physical education class. Throughout her adult life, photophobia has continued to take a toll on her too.

"My eyes water and tear up in the light, and my migraines are very light-triggered," she said. "I have always been the type that needed sunglasses on cloudy days, and even those never really cut it."

At the recommendation of her doctor, she became introduced to TheraSpecs precision-tinted glasses, which protect sensitive individuals like Ashley against specific migraine-triggering wavelengths. She was particularly enticed by our generous 60-day return policy, particularly in a day and age where drug medication can be so costly and often viewed as the only source for relief.

"It's a shame doctors and patients everywhere do not already know about TheraSpecs," she told us. "There are so many prescriptions for migraines that are passed around easily, regularly require costly copays, and can have potential negative side effects."

And the best part about TheraSpecs is they work!

As Ashley describes it, her first experience with our glasses left her practically speechless. In fact, she kept putting them on and taking them off because she could not believe how much her pain had been tempered.

"I was blown away by the stark difference in my headache level with them on or off. I never fully appreciated just how much light caused me pain until I tried on TheraSpecs! I always kept the blinds drawn to minimize light, but now I feel comfortable enough to let some of it in. I was just in shock at [the] difference they made."

Of course, TheraSpecs do not take all of her headache pain away, but they greatly minimize those light-related symptoms. And most importantly, they allow her to enjoy more time outside with her dog and working at her computer, and less time clutching her head and eyes in pain. Truly our glasses have led to a significant improvement in her quality of life.

As a result of such immediate relief with her Hudson indoor pair, Ashley had to get the outdoor glasses as well—knowing that they were simply better than any normal sunglasses. And she also recognizes just how many more people like her could benefit from TheraSpecs.

Ashley wearing outdoor TheraSpecs for migraines

"Having something that can help this much, with no down side, no side effects, and only a one-time, reasonable cost, is wonderful! I feel there are a lot of people out there who would try them if they knew about them, and who would get wonderful relief just like I have."

That is definitely our mission, Ashley! Thanks for helping us spread the word by sharing your wonderful story.

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