It’s Time to Invest in a Quality Pair of Migraine Glasses

It’s Time to Invest in a Quality Pair of Migraine Glasses

Written by Greg Bullock on 26th Jan 2017

With the prevalence of expensive, experimental treatments on the market that promise natural migraine relief, it can be easy to feel jaded when you learn of another product that makes similar claims. Tinted glasses for migraine are one such alternative that could be easily dismissed, but the reality is they have been proven to reduce attacks and relieve migraine-related photophobia and light sensitivity. All this while helping reduce the economic burden of migraine on the patient. In this post, we explore how the right pair of migraine glasses can be one of the best investments in your health.

Precision-tinted migraine glasses are backed by decades of research

The medical industry has established a direct link between migraine glasses and their effectiveness in lessening migraine attacks and related light sensitivity. In fact, one study showed that patients experienced 74% fewer attacks while another study highlighted the overall decrease in painful photophobia. But not any tinted pair will do; they have to be precision tinted to filter the wavelengths of light that research has identified are the most troublesome for people with light-sensitive conditions. If you want to learn more, we would encourage you to read our thorough comparison of the best tint for migraine and light sensitivity.

They help reduce individual health care costs associated with migraine

Do you have sticker shock when you see the price of migraine glasses? The truth is you can’t just look at the initial cost of a product but you also have to account for the direct savings that can result from an effective treatment. The monthly health care cost for an individual with migraine has consistently trended higher than their non-migraine counterparts, which could translate to nearly $700 more in direct costs per year. The numbers are even more startling for those with chronic migraine, who pay on average nearly three times more per year in direct medical expenses when compared with those who have episodic migraine. And 80% of those costs are going to pharmaceutical treatments. With the durable nature of quality migraine glasses, you don’t have to worry about ongoing payments; more importantly, if they bring some level of relief for you, it can mean fewer expenditures on unproven or ineffective treatments, prescription medication, and doctor or emergency visits.

They can help you feel better, which can yield other indirect benefits

The direct costs associated with a product do not tell the entire story. Statistics on migraine have shown that 21.5 million days are defined by periods of “restricted activity.” Other examinations have explored the full cycle of migraine, which includes anxiety associated with the possibility of a looming attack; this can negatively affect a person’s family and social relationships as well as their work productivity. As a result, it becomes clear that migraine impacts quality of life significantly. This makes it imperative to prevent attacks from happening in the first place, a belief that has been confirmed by the American Academy of Neurology, which noted that the use of preventative therapies can decrease instances of migraine attacks between 50-80 percent. Furthermore, an abundance of studies have supported the conclusion that successful treatments do make a positive difference in other aspects of a person’s life. Thus, precision-tinted glasses for migraine are a great solution that can provide tangible improvements to your health and also bring about other benefits, such as greater productivity and better social experiences.

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