“I’ll Keep TheraSpecs for the Rest of My Life” (Kayla’s Story)

“I’ll Keep TheraSpecs for the Rest of My Life” (Kayla’s Story)

Written by Greg Bullock on 10th Aug 2018

Headache specialists and neurologists are often the greatest allies for migraine patients because of the actionable tips they can provide that dramatically improve quality of life. In fact, many of our customers learn of TheraSpecs for the first time through their specialist.

Kayla G. from Arkansas found out about the incredible importance of this recommendation when she recently visited her neurologist, Dr. Janice Dean from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). During that appointment, she was given an informational paper that included mention of how TheraSpecs precision-tinted lenses help improve migraine-related light sensitivity.

Dr. Dean migraine informational pamphlet with TheraSpecs

But that was not all that Dr. Dean offered.

"The very first thing she did was pull out a scratched up pair of TheraSpecs from her pocket and make me put them on. I would have never known about TheraSpecs if it was not for her, and it has changed my life having them!"

The benefits were almost immediate for Kayla, so much so that she went home and purchased a pair of Audrey TheraSpecs with indoor lenses. Now, she uses them for driving, working on the computer and for managing fluorescent lights in stores; they have also been a wonderful addition to her migraine toolkit on the job as a dental assistant. Even her coworkers are wanting to wear them to manage their own migraine symptoms.

But Kayla has no plans to part with them anytime soon.

"I LOVE my TheraSpecs! Though I still have migraines, I am doing miraculously better," she said. "I even have expensive sunglasses that I am selling off because I no longer have use for them. I’ll keep a pair of TheraSpecs for the rest of my life!"

We cannot thank Kayla and Dr. Dean enough for sharing TheraSpecs with the world. We could not do it without you!

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