"These Are Migraine Slayers!" (Julie’s Story)

"These Are Migraine Slayers!" (Julie’s Story)

Written by Greg Bullock on 8th Sep 2019

To say that TheraSpecs customer Julie has been through a lot with her health would be a massive understatement. In 2013, she endured multiple basilar artery stroke events over the span of just one week, which had a myriad of other consequences—from significant vision loss in both eyes to nasty chronic migraines and sensitivity to light.

Her ‘normal’ was, in her own estimation, no less than one hundred attacks every week. And as she described it, the severity of the episodes would bring just about anybody else to their knees. As a result, complete isolation was often her only relief.

"This relatively new nemesis is not kind to me,” she said. “When a migraine attack happens, I end up in a dark room for several days on end to lessen the extreme pain...the only salvation [was] that darkened room far from stimulation."

However, soon she would discover a better alternative to the dark room: TheraSpecs glasses. She tried on a sample pair from her physical therapist, and then her neurologist subsequently prescribed them as part of her medical profile. With their precision-tinted lenses filtering out the migraine-inducing light, they represented a product that would allow her to live her life out in the open.

"Do they work? YES! YES! A billion times over YES! It allows me to have a life having far less migraines than what I had daily," Julie exclaimed on a public Quora post. Now she is down to 2 or 3 episodes per day, which is obviously a huge improvement in the frequency of her attacks and, ultimately, the quality of her life. As she told us directly:

"These are MIGRAINE SLAYERS! I’ve been experiencing far LESS migraine attacks [since] I first tried them on. They lessen the triggers. This set of over-the-prescription glasses allow me to actually do some activities that I previously could not do without exhaustion or a very nasty headache that wouldn’t leave me alone!"

Julie wearing indoor TheraSpecs at a party
Julie wearing indoor fitover TheraSpecs in the car

Julie is now able to embrace the days more and avoid the dreaded vampire life that is all too common for people living with photophobia. In the past year, she has attended concerts and baseball games without the constant migraine pain and other symptoms. She is currently preparing for a 1,700-mile journey to attend her son’s wedding later this year, which will include her first airplane flight in a decade. Even though it seems intimidating on paper, she remains confident that TheraSpecs will help her on the adventure.

"Thank you isn’t enough! Thank you for giving me happiness! There aren’t enough good adjectives to describe the simple joy of actually wanting to get out of bed in the morning without a fear of greeting one’s day with a migraine."

What we especially love about Julie (aside from her adorably infectious personality) is her desire to bring positivity into the world of other people with migraine. It is for this exact reason that she wanted to share her story and experiences with the world, and we want to thank her for that.

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