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Are FL 41 Tinted Glasses More Effective than a Dark Room?

Are FL 41 Tinted Glasses More Effective than a Dark Room?

Written by Greg Bullock on 27th Mar 2017

A dark room remains one of the most common sources of relief for people with migraine. For many, it is the only refuge where they can get away from harsh light that can enhance their pain and photophobia—the latter affects anywhere between 80-90% of migraineurs—during an attack. But how effective is it when compared with other alternatives, specifically FL 41 tinted glasses? Although there is no definitive evidence that one is better than the other, we take a look at how they might offer immediate relief after an attack has started.

Migraine light sensitivity can occur immediately, but take minutes to subside

Migraine patients who are photophobic often report feeling the negative effects of bright or harsh lighting immediately upon exposure, whether it be in the office, at home, outdoors, or in other locations like grocery stores and sporting venues. The fact is migraine-related light sensitivity can come on instantaneously and remain long after the source of the light has been removed because the brain remains in an agitated state. This means it may take minutes to begin feeling relief, even in a dark room. One study showed that it took 10 to 20 minutes of being in a dark room before light sensitivity and other migraine symptoms started to subside, although there are numerous patients who report the easing of symptoms in less time.1

FL 41 lenses can also provide fast and immediate relief

We already know that research cites FL 41 tinted glasses for migraines as the best colored tint for removing harmful wavelengths of light that can trigger or worsen the condition, but there is also plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests precision tinted lenses offer immediate relief, perhaps even when compared with a dark room. Numerous TheraSpecs customers reference the instantaneous benefits of putting on our eyewear, from the reduction in photophobia symptoms and migraine-related head pain to the relaxation of the eyes and face. Here are just a few of their comments.

“They don't eliminate migraines but for me they seem to shorten the recovery time and definitely help with disturbing and often freaky eye auras.”

“I received my two pairs (indoor and outdoor, Over glasses) just two days after I ordered them! Using my phone and iPad had become a problem in the past few months by bringing on migraines. The first time I put them on I actually felt a sense of relaxation and a feeling of comfort in my eyes and forehead. I'm so happy to have them.”

“I received my TheraSpecs five days ago and could tell an immediate difference. I suffer from chronic migraine and light plays a big part in how my migraines are.”

“My daughter suffered a concussion. Her pediatrician recommended TheraSpecs as "concussion glasses." TheraSpecs provided relief almost immediately. She can return to school full time and even use her computer for a couple hours a day without pain or dizziness. Money well spent!”

“I felt immediate relief with the TheraSpecs FL 41 glasses. I wear them all the times me and it relieves my photosensitivity and has decreased my migraine frequency. Thanks!”

“I had an immediate feeling of relief in my eyes. It does seem to help while shopping in stores or anywhere there is bright lights. I have migraine associated vertigo and the glasses help me tolerate bright places longer than I was able to before.”

“I noticed a difference right away. My headaches stopped and I could feel my eyes feeling less strain. After a few weeks of using them my visual acuity started returning and I could start to read fine print again. I already recommended them to a coworker that was complaining about his eyes hurting. We recently converted to an open space work environment and MANY people are complaining about headaches. He tried mine on and wanted a pair immediately.”

“I got these as fluorescent lights are a MAJOR trigger for my migraines and I work in an area that only has fluorescents. I put these on and within a minute, I can feel my eyes relax and my head start to ease. I will wear them for a few hours in the middle of they day (when my migraines tend to spike) and I go home with an annoying pain rather than excruciating. I have recommended these to MANY people already and will continue to do so. I love these glasses!”

“I suffer with severe photophobia, related migraines and visual stress. TheraSpecs really do calm your eyes and brain the moment you put them on. I would recommend them to anyone who suffers with light-sensitivity or related issues. The TheraSpecs Haven indoor lenses have made life indoors much more comfortable in both natural and artificial light whilst largely retaining life's normal color scheme! I also find them good for outdoor use on an overcast day. I also use TheraSpecs wraparound outdoor lenses which have literally transformed my life on a sunny English day. I no longer have to hide indoors in nice weather.”

“I am in front of a computer all day, and the inside glasses really help. I was surprised to notice the difference right away.”

The use of precision tinted eyewear ultimately can mean reduced downtime from attacks as well as greater productivity. It also has been shown to prevent migraine attacks, which may allow patients to avoid the dark room all together. And who wouldn't be in favor of getting out the dark faster?

Be sure to read more migraine glasses reviews to see what other TheraSpecs customers have to say about the benefits of FL 41 eyewear.


1 Noseda R, Kainz V, Jakubowski M, et al. A neural mechanism for exacerbation of headache by light. Nature neuroscience. 2010;13(2):239-245. doi:10.1038/nn.2475.

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