"Nobody will get me to shut up about these glasses" (Emily's Story)

"Nobody will get me to shut up about these glasses" (Emily's Story)

Posted by Greg Bullock on 5th Oct 2017

Our customers never cease to amaze us. Like any other slice of the population, they can be funny, charming, heartwarming, compassionate, thoughtful, and so much more. And even though they come to us along different paths of the same journey, they all are invested in finding relief. This is Emily's tale, who wrote us a note recently that reads as much like a short story as it does a customer testimonial. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


I've had migraines ever since I can remember. I've tried everything I and my doctor could think of. I take Maxalt when I feel a migraine coming on, but insurance only gives me 9 pills a month, and I often struggle towards the end and count down the days until I can get a refill. I am used to putting on a happy face and faking it at work and even at home. When I feel bad physically, I feel like a burden to those around me, and that makes me feel bad emotionally. It's a hard thing.

I turn to Facebook and read suggested articles about migraines, which in turn triggers more articles about migraines. I dislike clickbait. I don't like advertisements targeted at me because I read an article. And now there were ads for "migraine glasses". What in the world?! So I read about these TheraSpecs. I close the window. I reopen the window. I'm pessimistic. Good reviews, I can return the glasses if I don't like them... I decide to go for it.

I order my Audrey indoor glasses on a Sunday and they arrive the next Wednesday. Like, three days. That was insanely fast. I put them on and... hmm. No clouds parting or angels singing. I don't feel instantly different. I go to work, where we have a bajillion fluorescent lights (I counted, a bajillion). I feel fine. Actually, I don't feel angry at *cough* customers who ask *cough* questions. I feel... happy. I must have had too much sugar.

But this euphoria continues at work. I don't leave with a headache anymore. But do you remember when I said my migraines are menstrual? Yeah. So I do get a migraine, but it's easier to still get up and go to work and power through. And then the really bad migraine that usually comes later came, I took my meds, and two stinking hours later I feel just fine. Two hours. Not two days, not two weeks, hours. It hasn't rebound yet.

So it's only been two weeks since having my glasses, but they do seem to be making a difference. I'm still being cautious, if only because after having my hopes of a new treatment actually working being repeatedly crushed, I want to protect what hope remains. So we'll give in another couple of weeks, maybe a month to go through another cycle, and if things continue on this trajectory, nobody will get me to shut up about these glasses.

My only complaints: First, I may have to get a social life. I no longer have an excuse for not going out. I am an introvert. This is a problem. Second, why oh why did I have to learn about these rose colored lenses on Facebook?! From creepy "we know what you're reading" targeted advertisements?! But I'm so glad I did find you.

I hope you enjoyed my story. It is 100% true.

Emily with her dog Trooper
This Emily wearing Audrey Indoor TheraSpecs frames (blue) and her adorable dog Trooper

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