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The Best Resources for Migraine Awareness, Education and Support

The Best Resources for Migraine Awareness, Education and Support

Written by Greg Bullock on 6th Jun 2018

Whether you have been newly diagnosed with migraine or have been living with it your entire life, there are probably times where it can feel incredibly isolating. But you do not have to go through it alone. In fact, there are countless resources available that you can turn to for migraine awareness, education and support.

Migraine Blogs & Communities

Only a handful of blogs are committed to sourcing relevant and research-backed information about migraine and other chronic headache disorders. Additionally, there are several online communities where you can share your experiences with other patients.

Part of the Health Union ecosystem of condition-specific websites, encompasses educational articles, advocate features and patient forums. Visit ➜

Migraine Again

Migraine Again prides itself on being a platform “by patients, for patients” in an effort to help others better manage and live with the condition. Visit ➜

Migraine Disease

Newly launched in 2018, Migraine Disease is the brainchild of top advocates Tammy Rome and Teri Robert. All of its informational articles are reviewed by headache specialists. Visit ➜


Named one of the top migraine blogs by Healthline, TheraSpecs articles include detailed insight into migraine as well as one of its most notorious symptoms: light sensitivity. Visit blog ➜

The Mighty

The Mighty Site is chock full of patient voices who bust stigmas and showcase what it is like to live with a disabling chronic illness—all with a good mix of humor, inspiration and personality. Visit ➜

Speak Your Migraine

With backing from Amgen and Novartis, the Speak Your Migraine campaign offers unique perspectives for patients and caregivers through videos and other content. Visit ➜

Migraine on Reddit

Connecting with others to ask questions, share experiences and spread knowledge is the focus of this highly-active community on Reddit. Visit migraine community ➜

Migraine Support Organizations

AMF Website Screenshot

How can you keep informed on the latest in migraine-related news? There are several support organizations that lead the charge in research and education. In addition, they also perform a critical function in the advocacy of patients in the public forum. This can translate to increased funding opportunities, the advancement of clinical research studies, and the continuing education of new and existing headache specialists. Specific organizations include:

Many of these organizations also hold fundraising events throughout the year and allow for other ways to get involved. Click on the links above in order to learn how you might support their efforts.

Migraine and Headache Specialist Finders

The role of qualified migraine experts in patient care and treatment cannot be underestimated. In addition to helping properly diagnose and manage the condition, they often represent an empathetic ear for patients. Thankfully, there are multiple physician finder tools available to locate and contact headache specialists and neurologists in your area.

Signing Up for Clinical Trials for Migraine

Individuals interested in participating in a verified clinical study on migraine can see what is available and sign up through

Following the Influencers

Social media can be a great outlet for connecting with key advocates in the migraine community. Among headache specialists, two in particular stand out: Dr. Amaal Starling and Dr. Robert Shapiro. Both are using their social platform to fight stigma and share key research insights.

Follow Dr. Starling on Twitter ➜

Follow Dr. Shapiro on Twitter ➜

There are dozens of patient advocates as well. Many have their own personal blogs, participate in advocacy events and are active on social media.

Migraine World Summit

The biggest migraine and headache disorder questions are answered by leading professionals as part of the Migraine World Summit, held virtually every year in the spring. It is one of the most successful patient-centered conferences to date and is even free for a limited time with paid access available year round. Learn more ➜

Fundraising for Research

Miles for Migraine is a charitable organization devoted to raising money that can be used to fund clinical studies for migraine. Their walk/run events also offer a fun environment for the whole family.

Migraine Awareness Month (MHAM) in June

Migraine(dot)com MHAM Banner
Image source:

Every June, the spotlight is on migraine and chronic headache disorders as part of Migraine & Headache Awareness Month. Here are just a few of the ways to get involved in the conversation:

Social Media Challenges

Symptoms, stigma and stories are front and center every day in June with various social media challenges—such as this one offered a few years back by Migraine Disease. Each year brings new ways to engage online with patients, advocates and caregivers, so be sure to keep on the lookout for information on how to get involved! This is your opportunity to voice your personal experiences and show others what it means to have migraine.

Shades for Migraine

Many supporters and patients will be wearing sunglasses on June 21st (the longest day of the year) to bring visibility to migraine during Shades for Migraine. While we don’t advise wearing sunglasses indoors because of its negative effects on light sensitivity, we do encourage you to wear your indoor TheraSpecs—like many of our customers from years past.

TheraSpecs Shades for Migraine Customer Photos

TheraSpecs Glasses for Light Management

Try our light-filtering glasses and stay protected against harsh light from screens, fluorescents, LEDs, unwanted blue light, bright sunlight, flashing lights, and more.

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