The Stress and Migraine Connection

The Stress and Migraine Connection

Posted by Greg Bullock on 4th Jan 2018

It is well known that certain experiences can trigger migraine attacks, including weather and barometric pressure changes, smells and perfumes, light sources, sleep issues, menstruation, and other … read more
Light Sensitivity and Anxiety

Light Sensitivity and Anxiety

Posted by Greg Bullock on 31st Aug 2017

Painful sensitivity to light is a symptom associated with dozens of conditions and has been termed “photophobia” by medical professionals. Given that ‘phobia’ implies a fear of something—in this c … read more

Reduce Holiday Stress By Rethinking Traditions

Posted by Kerrie Smyres on 18th Nov 2015

Now that Halloween has passed, it’s time to start thinking about the rest of the year’s festivities. Before you hyperventilate, consider my unusual recommendation for managing stress and expectation … read more
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