TheraSpecs Enable Kristi to Work Under Fluorescent Lights

TheraSpecs Enable Kristi to Work Under Fluorescent Lights

Written by Matthew Hobbs on 21st Apr 2016

Behind the Lens features TheraSpecs’ customers and their journey – what brought them to TheraSpecs and how they find relief from eyestrain, headache, migraine, and overall light sensitivities.

Kristi wears TheraSpecs to avoid light triggers and manage photophobia when she has a migraine. She lives in Danbury, CT.

How do you spend your days?

My full time job is manager in a book store. I spend weekend evenings at hockey games. The rest of my time is spent with my pooch, husband and crocheting.

How does light impact your day-to-day life?

At work we use fluorescent lights. Once a migraine hits, those lights become my nemesis. There is no escaping them when you are the only manager in the building and have to handle something on the floor.

What prompted you to try TheraSpecs?

I originally saw someone mention TheraSpecs on I stalked the site for a while to decide if I should invest in a pair. Finally when I was stuck at work with a horrid migraine and decided I needed a better solution.

What other relief options have you tried?

I am on preventives and abortives for my migraines, but once an attack has taken hold, nothing really helps. I also used to wear a pair of Ray-Bans at work on bad days, which would help a bit.

Which style of TheraSpecs do you own? And why did you select these?

I wear the Classic TheraSpecs and rock them out. I'm all about the wayfarer look.

How do TheraSpecs help you?

They have helped me immensely at work. It is amazing how well they cut the harshness of fluorescent lights. I have also successfully attended a night baseball game and survived without a migraine.

How would you describe TheraSpecs to a friend?

As important to me to have as my inhaler.

Do strangers ask about your TheraSpecs?

My coworkers all asked about them at first, and wanted to try them on. I also always mention them to customers who are looking for books on migraines. I have not had a stranger ask about them... But since getting them I also have not had any strangers ask why I am walking around with one eye closed (because I don't need to do that anymore!).

Is there anything more you would like to share about your TheraSpecs experience?

My TheraSpecs are the only reason I was able to last through a double baby shower I threw for my sisters.

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