TheraSpecs protected Chauncey from his computer and fluorescent light at work

TheraSpecs protected Chauncey from his computer and fluorescent light at work

Written by Hart Shafer on 23rd Feb 2016

Chauncey recently wrote to tell me his story. He works as a network security engineer and was getting frequent migraines. He realized they were triggered by the light from his computer and fluorescent lighting above his desk. With TheraSpecs he no longer gets migraines at work! He wrote:

"First off kudos to you and your staff. These glasses are amazing, I put them on immediately because I was working a networking problem on my laptop. I realized that I was having migraines caused by the flickering of my computer screen, and the bad florescent lighting above my desk. In our old building I never had this issue but, this building is new and has this crazy lighting setup. When I have them I lose vision let alone the ability to have a straight, and coherent thought. I put these on and all the throbbing is easing. I will not work on these computers without them. I really needed these glasses because I'm a Network Security Engineer so all I do is look at computer screens day in and day out.

My neurologist will be getting a phone call about these glasses. The glasses as a preventative measure is mind blowing and the best part is the side effect (looking cool). How many drugs today have that side affect and actually CURE the problem? One of my medications cost $120 for 1 pill! So you can see the value of the glasses vs. the medication.

I appreciate the work you do. Take care and Gods speed..."

—Chauncey in Houston, TX (shared with permission)

Thanks for sharing your story, Chauncey! If you'd like to share yours, just email us.

Please note: Chauncey used the word "cure" in his note to us. In reality, there is no cure for migraine. TheraSpecs can help lower the frequency of migraine attacks, and if light is the primary trigger, like it is for Chauncey, the reduction can stop them completely. However, this is not a true migraine cure and TheraSpecs are usually most effective when used in conjunction with other treatments.

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