"These Glasses Came Just In Time" (Alex's Story)

"These Glasses Came Just In Time" (Alex's Story)

Posted by Greg Bullock on 18th May 2019

Migraine can lead to some very scary physical symptoms, but perhaps the biggest fear for many patients is not how it affects the body; instead, it revolves around the potential consequences that all the attacks can have on one’s personal and professional life. TheraSpecs customer Alex faced a lot of uncertainty in her own life as a result of her constant migraine attacks and light sensitivity.

She had developed these debilitating issues during her time in school, which dramatically affected her ability to be successful in her studies.

"During my second year, I started suffering from very bad migraines—all day, everyday—varying in intensity and pain, for 9 months. It got to the point where I could not go to class or study and had to have special exams put in so I can pass."

She worked with her doctors to treat what were believed to be possible causes, but nothing seemed to make enough of a difference in how she was feeling. It ultimately became so bad that she had to drop out of school in order to focus on her health. However, things seemed to get better in the fall of 2018. Her attacks had all but disappeared, and she felt better than ever. She even took on a new professional role in an office setting.

Then the light sensitivity and photophobia set in and her migraine episodes returned.

"I was sitting near big, open windows, and the office has multiple, big lights with fluorescent bulbs," she said. "I started struggling, getting sick, not being able to work properly. I was moved to a new seat in the office away from the windows, yet I still suffered."

As a result, Alex’s superiors started to question whether or not her health issues would further affect her job performance. In an effort to provide accommodations, she was eventually moved to the darkest space possible and took additional measures to fight off the painful light—from wearing a hat indoors and covering her head with a blanket to having prescribed painkillers on hand in the event of an attack. But even then, she experienced a particularly bad migrainous episode that put her new job in jeopardy.

Then TheraSpecs changed everything...

After learning about our precision-tinted glasses from her mother, she scoured the endless stream of positive reviews and knew they could offer the relief she had been seeking. And did they ever deliver!

"Ever since I wore these, I have had nearly no migraines. My eyes felt instantly relaxed, and I could finally see and work—improving my performance, my quality and my mood all in one," she said. "These glasses came just in time and saved both my job and my health."

Alex wearing Classic Indoor TheraSpecs
Alex has found migraine relief wearing Classic Indoor TheraSpecs.

Thanks to TheraSpecs, Alex does not have to experience those awful symptoms of light sensitivity and migraine; no more burning eyes, nausea, or stabbing and crushing pains. She even recognizes the changes that the whole experience has made for her personality.

"I have become happier, more like myself because I am not in pain and do not hide from the light anymore. These glasses were the best investment I have ever made," she told us. "Thank you so much, I cannot express how much it means that these have helped me."

Your story and smile is thanks enough for us, Alex.

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