8 Amazing Mothers Who Helped Their Child’s Light Sensitivity

8 Amazing Mothers Who Helped Their Child’s Light Sensitivity

Posted by Greg Bullock on 11th May 2018

I think we all can agree that mothers really do know best, especially when it comes to the needs of their own children. At TheraSpecs, we often encounter moms who are desperate to find something that improves their son or daughter’s pain stemming from light sensitivity. So like the amazing people they are, they spring in to action and order a pair of our glasses on behalf of their child—with the hope that they can bring meaningful relief. And there's nothing better than when TheraSpecs deliver on that hope.

In honor of Mother's Day and to celebrate all the amazing moms out there, we wanted to highlight some of these amazing people and their stories.

Nita's TheraSpecs Story

Nita's Son-in-Law and Granddaughter (Migraine)

"Both my son-in-law and granddaughter were getting disabling migraines regularly because of fluorescent lights. Since they have been wearing their new lenses that trigger is gone. We are so grateful."

Kelly's TheraSpecs Story

Kelly's Daughter (Concussion, Light Sensitivity)

"I ordered these glasses for my daughter who was suffering from light sensitivity and headaches from a concussion. She had just started university and was living away from home. My daughter found that the glasses really helped with the light sensitivity and headaches and still uses them when looking at computer and tv screens. She finds them soothing to the eyes."

Terri's TheraSpecs Story

Terri's Son (Migraine)

"My son has not had a SINGLE full blown migraine since he started wearing these a month ago....and only ONCE has he needed to take meds to stop one that had started. MUCH BETTER than the 2-3 migraines per week he was suffering from!!!"

Philina TheraSpecs Story

Philina's Daughter (Migraine, Light Sensitivity)

"They were a miracle for my daughter. Computer screens no longer give her migraines. TheraSpecs is a life changer for her. She was looking at a future of finding a job that involved no computer use...almost impossible to do. Now her life options have no limits!!! Thank you so much!"

Ellen's TheraSpecs Story

Ellen's Daughter (Migraine)

"I bought these for my daughter who had migraines at least twice a month. Since wearing TheraSpecs, she's had NONE! She wears them a couple of hours each day. If she feels a migraine beginning, she pops them on and the migraine is halted in its tracks. She's suffered from migraines for a dozen years...she hasn't resorted to taking her meds since she started using the TheraSpecs!"

Ellen's TheraSpecs Story

Roseann's Daughter (Vestibular Migraine)

"The glasses were bought for my daughter as she has suffered from migraine induced vertigo for over 4 years now and nothing has seemed to help. She is an artist and graphic design is her passion, which she has not been able to do. These glasses have slowly been giving her life back. It has been a work in progress. We are hoping and praying for a full recovery!!!!"

Kathleen's TheraSpecs Story

Kathleen's Son (Fluorescent Light Sensitivity)

"My son has an extreme sensitivity to artificial lights (fluorescent). The TheraSpecs I purchased are helping him in school. That is huge for him to have a pair of glasses that actually help him! He has been wearing his TheraSpecs since they arrived. We are very happy to have found a product that works to help him! Thank you!"

Theresa's TheraSpecs Story

Theresa's Daughter (Migraine)

"I bought these for my daughter who is in college and has been having years of very bad migraines. She's gone to migraine clinics where she received medications and even botox injections. She was so scared that she would have another year at school of debilitating migraines. I bought these for her when she cried to me about her fears of another ruined school year. I asked her how she was doing and she loves the glasses. She is happy when I speak to her and is even in a school club now."

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