Our Favorite Chronic Illness Memes for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our Favorite Chronic Illness Memes for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by Greg Bullock on 23rd Apr 2020

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has gripped our world and our respective attention spans. For many of us, our daily routines have changed, our communication with one another has changed and how we navigate this new normal changes day by day. And yet, we ground ourselves in the familiar moments that bring us joy, connection and even laughter—like social media memes.

In particular, those of us with chronic illness have found countless relatable experiences within the pandemic, from stay-at-home orders to work-from-home outcomes. And these are some of our favorite memes and images from across the internet that tap into these experiences.

1. A “Stay-at-Home” Pro

Chronic Illness Stay At Home Pro Meme

As the reality of having to stay home began to set in, even the best of us were struggling to grasp what the coming weeks and months would look like—particularly without the ability to go around town as freely as we had been accustomed. Yet, for chronic illness warriors, it is as if they had been practicing for it their whole lives.

2. Still Waiting for Effective Treatments

Migraine treatment vs COVID-19 Vaccine Meme

Migraine patients widely feel a love-and-hate relationship with their medications. More recently, there has been encouraging news about the CGRP therapies that actually target the underlying causes of migraine attacks. Still, it took years and years of research and development, something that was not lost on those of us with the headache disorder when it was announced that a COVID-19 vaccine was introduced for human testing within a matter of weeks.

3. Making Masks Cool

Making Masks Cool Meme

Chronic illness often requires dramatic behavioral changes in order to manage the symptoms and risks that come from it. Wearing a mask in public is a regular adjustment that many have to make; and they have been making it cool since way before health experts recommended it.

4. Some Different Curves

Funny Graph Meme Showing Impact of Pandemic on Chronic Illness

With all the talk about flattening the COVID-19 infection curve, there have been some fun spins on how priorities have changed in 2020 as a result of the quarantine. We think this graph on the impact of coronavirus on chronic illness hits the nail pretty much on the head. What do you think?

5. Not Following the Rules

Annoyed Face Meme for Not Physical Distancing

Are you frustrated when you see people not taking the recommended safety precautions—like physical distancing—seriously? Now imagine how those of us with chronic illness feel, many of whom may be immunocompromised and at greater risk for the most adverse COVID-19 outcomes. So yeah...we’re pretty annoyed.

6. So Quick to Work from Home

Funny Oprah Meme Highlighting Migraine Stigma and Work from Home

We definitely do not have any reservations about employers across the country migrating to “work-from-home” status for the foreseeable future. However, workplace stigma continues to affect chronic illness patients, from a lack of appropriate in-office accommodations to denial of remote working arrangements. For that reason, this meme makes a perfect social comment on the situation.

7. Four Weeks of Screens

Eye Squinting Meme from Pandemic Screen Use

Let’s face it: a lot of us are looking at our screens more today than we were before the pandemic. We’re relying on our devices for work, for social connection and for information purposes. But that means we are also exposed to some of the unpleasant side effects of increased screen use, like headaches, light sensitivity and eye strain. We are definitely feeling it right about now.

8. All the Mental Hugs

Sloth Meme Sending Mental Hugs During Quarantine

We all have needed positivity throughout this COVID-19 and quarantine experience. Even if we are unable to provide it through physical contact, there is nothing cuter than a little sloth sending all the mental hugs—from an expert-recommended distance of course. We love you all and hope you are doing as well as possible.


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