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The Top 10 Migraine Memes of All Time

The Top 10 Migraine Memes of All Time

Written by Greg Bullock on 29th Dec 2017

There is no doubt that migraine is a serious condition, but sometimes we all just have to enjoy a good laugh at the headache disorder—even when it would otherwise make us cry. These are some of the most iconic and hilarious migraine memes on the internet that we hope will brighten your day.

1. Migraine Ages Us, Significantly

Migraine Meme, Before-After Attack, Baby Yoda

Experiencing a migraine attack can feel like you've been put through the ringer, and you come out on the other side feeling older, exhausted and done with the whole thing. So naturally, Yoda vs Baby Yoda captures this process perfectly. (TheraSpecs / Instagram)

2. Office (Space) Fluorescents

Migraine Meme, Office Fluorescents

We certainly know the effects that light can have on a migraine attack, and sometimes it just seems like those darn fluorescent bulbs will just never stop pulsing. Thankfully, we have a brilliant Office Space meme to spread the word. (TheraSpecs / Facebook)

3. Everything Hurts and I'm Dying

Migraine Meme, Everything Hurts, I'm Dying—Parks&Rec

For somebody with chronic migraine, you can become numb and matter-of-fact when it comes to describing how an attack feels. This gem from Leslie Knope (the lead character on Parks & Rec) showcases exactly how we actively deal with migraine while still being upright and functional. (TheraSpecs, Instagram)

4. Migraine, The Thief

Migraine Meme, Simpsons, Ruined Day

Migraine is a thief; it takes away many of your most precious moments, your ability to function, and so much more—all with very little warning. Leave it to The Simpsons to hit the nail on the head about how it sneaks up and ruins your day. (TheraSpecs / Instagram)

5. They Are More Than "Headaches"

Migraine Meme, Coworkers Says They Get Headaches Too

Migraine comes with an astonishing amount of stigma, none more prominent than the myth that it is only a headache (after all light sensitivity, dizziness, nausea can all be symptoms too!). So when somebody says "they get headaches too," they may rightfully get some serious side eye. (TheraSpecs, Instagram)

6. Life with Migraine is Exhausting

Migraine Meme, Chronic Illness Waking up Tired

As a common chronic illness, migraine will be with many patients for the rest of their lives. And that means waking up and immediately feeling exhausted—as clearly represented by these adorable sloths. If only it were that cute in real life! (TheraSpecs, Instagram)

7. The Meds Actually Worked!?

Migraine Meme, The Meds Worked

Well, color us surprised when the abortive migraine medications actually do their job and stop an attack shortly after it started. Why can't it be like that every time!!? (TheraSpecs, Instagram)

8. The Migraine "Schedule"

Migraine Meme, Google Calendar of Migraine Problems

We know migraine can be very unpredictable from person to person and from attack to attack, but if it did keep a schedule, it would probably look something like this. From getting over yesterday's attack to begging and pleading for the new one to stop, all the "high points" are covered here. (TheraSpecs, Instagram)

9. Migraine Blocker

Migraine Meme, Blocker

Migraine can be such a blocker—from our physical health to our productivity. Even when we have the best intentions and plans for our day, migraine can swoop in to cut the whole thing down. So naturally we had to have a little fun with its often-unexpected wrecking ball in our lives. (TheraSpecs, Instagram)

10. Normal Life, No More

Migraine Meme, Ever Given Ship Representing Migraine

Migraine changes everything about our lives, and ultimately prevents us from having anything that resembles normalcy. So a big ship in a canal that represents our inability to have the life that others get to have is spot on. (TheraSpecs, Instagram)

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