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The Top 10 Migraine Memes of All Time

The Top 10 Migraine Memes of All Time

Written by Greg Bullock on 29th Dec 2017

There is no doubt that migraine is a serious condition, but sometimes we all just have to enjoy a good laugh at the headache disorder—even when it would otherwise make us cry. These are some of the most iconic and hilarious migraine memes on the internet that we hope will brighten your day.

1. The Monster of all Migraines

Migraine Meme, Attack Level

We’ve all had them—those attacks where the head pain is so intense that your skull feels like it is going to explode. This meme puts a hilarious twist on your worst migraine attacks. (Migraine Buddy / Instagram)

2. Office (Space) Fluorescents

Migraine Meme, Office Fluorescents

We certainly know the effects that light can have on a migraine attack, and sometimes it just seems like those darn fluorescent bulbs will just never stop pulsing. Thankfully, we have a brilliant Office Space meme to spread the word. (TheraSpecs / Facebook)

3. The Migraine Fairy

Migraine Meme, Migraine Fairy

Who doesn’t love an unexpected visit from the migraine fairy while working on the computer? Pretty sure it's no one...ever. Linda Causey captures the moment before your world turns upside down and probably a little dark too with this gem from 2001. Linda Causey, 2001)

4. It’s a Party in your Brain

Migraine Meme, Neuro Party

We love this meme because it perfectly destroys the myth that migraine is just a “headache.” It is so much more than head pain, with sensitivity to light, aura, nausea, and a constellation of other symptoms. You know it, we know it, and now others can know it too. (Nikki Albert / Brainless Blogger)

5. We’ll Try Just About Anything

Migraine Meme, Try Anything

Patients with migraine are known to try just about every treatment option if it will take their pain away—even those with a less-than-stellar medical reputation. (The Daily Migraine / Instagram)

6. There is No Cure

Migraine Meme, One Does Not Cure

You should always be skeptical of anyone who suggests that there is a cure for migraine. And by skeptical, we of course mean immediately unfriend and unfollow them. At least that is what this migraine meme would probably have us do. (My Family’s New Normal)

7. Drastic Measures

Migraine Meme, Drastic Measures

This one is pretty much self explanatory. And who hasn’t wanted to do this at one time or another? (BookBub / Pinterest)

8. Even More Drastic Measures

Migraine Meme, Amputate

We were laughing out loud when we saw this. Language choices aside—it’s not “migraine headache” after all!—this is one of the more popular migraine memes on the internet, and it hopefully illustrates the extent of the pain that so many with the condition must endure. (Unknown, QuickMeme)

9. Migraine Blocker

Migraine Meme, Blocker

Migraine can be such a blocker—from our physical health to our productivity. Even when we have the best intentions and plans for our day, migraine can swoop in to cut the whole thing down. So naturally we had to have a little fun with its often-unexpected wrecking ball in our lives. (TheraSpecs, Instagram)

10. When the Migraine is Finally Over

Migraine Meme, Post Attack Euphoria

We have to end things on a high note, so naturally...animal meme! The first few moments after the attack has passed can be euphoric, and the expression on this little seal’s face speaks for the millions out there who know the feeling. (Unknown, imgflip)

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