"I Could Talk All Day About How Life Changing They Are" (Shane's Story)

"I Could Talk All Day About How Life Changing They Are" (Shane's Story)

Posted by Greg Bullock on 20th Jan 2019

The last ten years have not been an easy road for Shane, a husband, father and musician from Australia. Since being diagnosed with glaucoma, he has dealt with the challenging physical symptoms, including light sensitivity and headaches.

"Until only a few months ago, I would have headaches—well over 20 a day—from my eyes constantly adjusting to different lighting conditions," he said, adding that these sharp headaches also contributed to feeling irritable and other emotional side effects.

Moreover, Shane spent hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on sunglasses that he hoped would help with bright lighting. Unfortunately, he found them to be less than effective. But then he was introduced to TheraSpecs glasses for glaucoma, and he set out to get himself both the indoor and outdoor pairs.

From the moment he received his TheraSpecs, he felt a significant difference.

"Now here is where the good stuff starts and how useful they are. My headaches are slashed, like I said twenty or more a day, now I’d be lucky to have five. I have to tell you they look great too; I’ve had so many positive comments and compliments."

"I'm going to rave about how these glasses have literally changed my life. I’m more happy because of the reduction of headaches," he added.

TheraSpecs have also enabled Shane to focus on one of the passions in his life: music. When he sings in the band and performs live on stage, he does not have to worry about them falling or slipping off his face. The same is true for those moments when he is enjoying time with his kids. It is this comfort and protection against light sensitivity that has Shane so excited about TheraSpecs.

And he has not been shy about his love for them, sharing and commenting online about the relief he has experienced.

"I could talk all day about how good and life changing they are. They never slip; they look great both indoor and outdoor; the styles are cool and modern; you can use your own frames; and they work. They seriously work, and I’m looking forward to buying more."

Thanks Shane for the amazing and vocal support for our glasses! It is a privilege to bring some relief into your life.

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