"I Felt Defeated, Then I Found TheraSpecs" (Melanie's Story)

"I Felt Defeated, Then I Found TheraSpecs" (Melanie's Story)

Posted by Greg Bullock on 12th Mar 2019

For many patients, chronic migraine simply never takes a break. It saps our strength, affects our emotional state, and leaves countless unfavorable impressions on our lives. This is exactly how Melanie characterized her experiences with the headache disorder, a condition with which she has been dealing since she was a child.

"I began getting migraines when I was twelve," she said. "When you have to deal with debilitating chronic migraines you learn very quickly about your triggers so you can try to avoid them. However, [that was difficult] since our environment is filled with bright lights, loud noises and strong smells—all to which I was always hypersensitive."

Unfortunately, things only got worse when Melanie started a new job at a large medical organization, where she had to endure intense fluorescent light exposure that could reliably initiate an attack.

Like so many others, she sought alternatives to deal with her external sensitivities, but she was never truly satisfied with the results. This ultimately left her with the belief that there was no escape from her surroundings.

"I felt defeated and did not know where to turn," she said. "But then I found TheraSpecs glasses and saw all the amazing reviews. I figured that it would not hurt to give them a try, and I am so happy I did."

As a result of the TheraSpecs indoor tint in her Keaton frame, the lighting is more bearable and even helps her function more effectively during the early stages of a migraine attack. This allows her to work longer under the fluorescents and in front of her computer screen. And she is so thrilled at the benefits that she plans to order another pair just to make sure she never has to be without them!

"I cannot stress enough how pleased I am with these glasses and encourage anyone with migraines and/or light sensitivity to try them out," she added.

What an amazing story, Melanie! We wish you continued relief with TheraSpecs and appreciate your support of our company.

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