"Gaining My Independence Back" (Cassidy's Story)

"Gaining My Independence Back" (Cassidy's Story)

Written by Greg Bullock on 3rd May 2020

The physical pain and other symptoms associated with light sensitivity are no doubt unpleasant and even debilitating for some. But it is the hindrance on peoples’ everyday lives and activities that often makes photophobia unbearable for so many. At just 19 years old, Cassidy of Illinois is already quite familiar with the limitations of living with a light-sensitive condition.

Cassidy has photosensitive epilepsy that brings on headaches, seizures and sensitivity to light as part of her daily reality. For a whole year, she was not driving at all—which robbed her of a huge symbol of youth and individual freedom—and she was missing concerts and forsaking school dances in high school as well.

TheraSpecs gave her an opportunity to change all that.

Cassidy explored the online reviews and was shocked at the way our customers described the life-changing impact of our glasses. This just inspired her even more to purchase them and experience the benefit of TheraSpecs for herself. And they did not disappoint.

"I cannot believe the difference! I can finally see lights without having to squint or close my eyes every 5 minutes," she said. "I can enjoy things around me now and best of all I am able to drive again after almost a whole year of not being able too!"

She felt the relief immediately and it sustained the longer she wore them. Cassidy can even safely wear TheraSpecs while driving at night because she ordered our specialty "night-driving" lens option in the WearOver frame. This keeps her protected from oncoming headlights while still being legal for operating a vehicle at night. Without a doubt, she fell in love with her TheraSpecs because they lifted so many restrictions previously forced onto her life.

"Now I can look at lights again without getting headaches or worrying about seizures. And best of all I am gaining my independence back! Honestly, thank you from the bottom of my heart," she said.

We started our company to help people like Cassidy find new autonomy in their lives, (mostly) free of the pain and complications of light sensitivity—and we never lose sight of how important that freedom is for every customer who experiences it. So thank you, Cassidy, for speaking so openly about your dealings with photophobia and trusting in TheraSpecs to be your source of relief!

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