"Finally...I Have an Answer!" (Megan's Story)

"Finally...I Have an Answer!" (Megan's Story)

Written by Greg Bullock on 6th Oct 2019

Chronic migraine struck Megan from Texas when she was just 13 years old. Daily attacks became the norm for her, so much so that when the pain became too overbearing at school, she would press her face against the hallway floor for some cooling relief. Not surprisingly this took a significant toll on her body and her adolescence—with very little insight as to why it happened.

"I suffered with pain, missed school, had to get IVs and shots on the regular," she said. "I was given medication for an adult that my tiny 60-pound body couldn’t handle."

Fast forward two decades, and Megan began to recognize the role that bright lights—particularly fluorescents—played in the onset of her migraine attacks. They may not be solely responsible for her migraine-related pain, but they certainly have a strong negative influence. As she described it, even a quick trip into the grocery store would make her eyes start feeling like they were vibrating, and by the time she returned home an attack would form.

Armed with this newfound understanding, she knew she had to do something. Megan began seeking out remedies that might improve her photophobia, and this led her to try TheraSpecs precision-tinted glasses.

After just a few weeks of use, she started to notice a major difference in her symptoms. Even in those times when a migraine episode would start to develop, she would put on her Keaton-style TheraSpecs and feel their calming relief start to take effect.

"For so long there were NO answers and NO explanations, and this might not cure it all but it helps! These glasses help so much that my migraines and bad headaches have drastically been reduced! Finally at 34 years old, I feel like I have an answer!" she exclaimed.

Of course, it can be difficult not to look in the rearview mirror and think about everything that chronic migraine has taken from her, but she also recognizes that she can now move forward in a way that she was not able to before.

"I look back at all the headaches, all the moments missed, the hours in bed, the hours laying over a toilet, the hours crying and begging for relief...if I would’ve only known about how awful fluorescent lights are. I can’t believe it’s taken 21 years of suffering through migraines to finally find some help. Thank you TheraSpecs!"

While we can’t give back those past moments and activities, we are proud that our glasses can give Megan and so many others more memories with less pain going forward.

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