"They've Helped Me Just About Everywhere" (Sarah's Story)

"They've Helped Me Just About Everywhere" (Sarah's Story)

Written by Greg Bullock on 21st Aug 2019

As somebody who has endured chronic migraine basically her whole life, Sarah knows the physical and emotional struggles of having a primary headache disorder. Whether it was having certain doctors question the chronicity of her attacks or passing out on the bathroom floor as a kid after an especially painful episode, life with migraine was a challenge to say the least.

In addition, her sensitivity to light was particularly frustrating. It was always listed as a symptom of her migraine attacks since childhood and, by her own admission, only seemed to get worse as time went on.

"By high school I couldn’t even tolerate a night light in my room, and I carried sunglasses everywhere," she said. "Once I started working in libraries, it was like I was subjected to a funhouse of different light triggers. Fluorescents, skylights, shared work areas, standoffs over putting the blinds up or down, giant windows, bright light everywhere, and generally people who thought more light was always better."

Surprisingly, Sarah's doctors did not provide much guidance in helping treat photophobia, among other disappointing outcomes with care. In combination with moving out of state and away from her family for employment, the situation inspired her to take matters into her own hands and ultimately develop her own treatment plan. And at the core of it: TheraSpecs glasses. They ultimately became the answer to what was one of her biggest triggers.

"TheraSpecs really helped me just about everywhere–in stores with fluorescents, at work with all the screens, and even at home," she told us. "I’ve never been able to have blinds and curtains fully open before. It’s also been years since I’ve been able to go outside without sunglasses, regardless of weather."

She was even pleasantly surprised that her employer approved her accommodations request to wear TheraSpecs during the work day. This gave her confidence in the opportunity to extend the relief she had been experiencing elsewhere to the workplace. She even looks forward to getting back into gaming and other favorite activities that photophobia had previously inhibited.

"I’ve really enjoyed my TheraSpecs, and I’m genuinely flummoxed that my doctors have never recommended something like this. I wear them all the time, and I just find things more comfortable with my TheraSpecs on, regardless of whether I’m having an attack or not."

We’re proud of you, Sarah, for taking control of your health and keeping our glasses at the center of your migraine toolkit!

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