How Long Will It Take to Know if My Migraine Glasses Are Effective?

How Long Will It Take to Know if My Migraine Glasses Are Effective?

Written by Greg Bullock on 25th Oct 2016

You have just invested in a shiny new pair of precision-tinted  migraine glasses, and you are excited to experience the relief that has been promised. But then you start to wonder: How long will it take before I know whether or not they work for me? You know you do not want to be stuck with a product that does not help, but you also want to give it a fair shake because it can mean tremendous improvements for your future health. Although the answer usually varies with each brain, there are three prominent trends.

Immediate relief

This is the best case scenario for most customers of precision-tinted eyewear. You put them on and feel an immediate lessening of your symptoms. Many individuals with a light-sensitive condition report that they experience this  instantaneous benefit from the first time they put on the glasses. It often takes the form of the relaxation of your eyes and less sensitivity around common light triggers, such as fluorescents or bright sunlight. You may even notice certain light which was known to lead to an attack no longer has the same negative effect.

Within a few weeks

If you do not notice any instant improvement, it may be that it will take a few weeks to adjust your eyewear—potentially up to two months although most within a few weeks. Although it is unclear exactly why it may take longer to feel the full benefit of precision-tinted migraine glasses, it is often reported by those who were wearing sunglasses indoors as a preventative measure because of the increased sensitivity to light that it can cause (known as “dark adaptation”). However, research has shown that a reduction in attacks and other corresponding symptoms lasts longer (at least four months) when compared with generic colored lenses; this makes the immediate results less important as the longitudinal success of any migraine relief product.

Not at all

It is rare that  FL-41 eyewear does not prove to be effective for an individual. For instance, nearly 90% of TheraSpecs customers have reported significant relief in the form of fewer and/or less intense attacks. However, there are cases where it just does not work; every brain is different after all. It could mean light and/or the specific wavelengths being filtered are not a major trigger or it could simply relate to the nuances of a person’s condition or brain chemistry. It is unfortunate, but it is also why you should be mindful of the return policy of the product so you have recourse as a consumer.


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