“More Valuable than a Winning Lottery Ticket” (Marianne’s Story)

“More Valuable than a Winning Lottery Ticket” (Marianne’s Story)

Posted by Kathy Green on 10th Jan 2018

Our customers often give us a window into their lives. They tell us about the struggles of light sensitivity and what it has taken from them, but they also share how TheraSpecs have allowed them to participate in the activities that previously meant so much. Recently, Marianne from Chicago shared how she was able to use our glasses to enjoy one of her great passions.

Writing has been in Marianne’s blood for decades, as evidenced by her 33 year love affair with the creative practice. She is currently working on an independently published magazine but found her sensitivity to light—which also triggered her migraine-related vertigo—was becoming a major hindrance to her productivity.

"I could barely work because the photophobia was so ungodly debilitating," she said, particularly citing troubles due to the lighting of her computer screen.

Rather than forgo something that she loved to do, she committed herself to finding relief. Thankfully, that brought her to TheraSpecs, where she purchased a pair of indoor WearOver style glasses that can be worn over existing prescription eyewear. And the benefit she experienced was immediate.

"My indoor TheraSpecs work very well for me, and I noticed improvement with migraine related pain, intensity and frequency within about five days of wearing them," she said. "And the migraines and photophobia continued to dissipate more and more over the coming weeks."

Most importantly, this meant that she could return to writing.

"I can [now] work for a few hours in front of the screen and get a ton of writing done! TheraSpecs have restored my ability to engage in my greatest passion, which is writing—something more valuable to me than a winning lottery ticket."

And she even has a message for those who may be considering trying TheraSpecs in the future.

"Trust me, this product is NOT a gimmick! It's the real deal and not a 'Joe average' pair of glasses you can get at [any department store]. TheraSpecs deserves 2017 Product of the Year Award! I'm so not joking."

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