"I Needed to Find Something" (Brittany's Story)

"I Needed to Find Something" (Brittany's Story)

Written by Greg Bullock on 29th Jul 2019

For the past thirteen years, Brittany has been dealing with the frustration and pain of constant migraine attacks. Even though she has never undergone testing in order to identify the specific causes or triggers, she has developed a pretty good understanding of her personal migraine process.

"I don't really know when I'm getting a migraine other than I get an aura about an hour before the headache comes," she said. "I believe it's hormone fluctuations and possibly certain types of food. [And] I noticed when I started working under fluorescent lighting that I would get migraines more often."

Brittany is one of the millions who deals with this strong sensitivity to fluorescent light. In addition to their brightness levels, fluorescents also emit an invisible pulsing and a high amount of blue-green light—both of which are known to trigger or worsen migrainous symptoms. This is likely the reason why she noticed an increase in the frequency and severity of her attacks. This is also precisely what makes TheraSpecs the best protection for individuals with these sensitivities, because they filter both the harmful light and the fluorescent pulsing.

Brittany was generally aware that these special ‘migraine glasses' existed, but it was not until recently that she finally took the plunge on a pair of TheraSpecs.

"Working under fluorescent lighting in different offices, I knew I needed to find something that would help me with light sensitivity," she explained, adding that other types of light also affect her symptoms.

Brittany wearing indoor TheraSpecs at work
Brittany wearing indoor Classic TheraSpecs for fluorescent light sensitivity

And TheraSpecs absolutely delivered on their promise of photophobia relief. Brittany now wears her indoor Classic glasses at work, while driving, and even noticed that they can be very effective outdoors on cloudy or grey days. Her overall experience has further encouraged her to recommend TheraSpecs to other acquaintances who have chronic headaches or migraine attacks.

"I know that [TheraSpecs] have helped me when it comes to light sensitivity. These glasses are definitely a lifesaver, especially at work."

Thank you Brittany for helping to spread the word about TheraSpecs as a tool for fluorescent and artificial light sensitivity!

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