Office Fluorescents No Longer Affect Allyson Thanks to TheraSpecs

Office Fluorescents No Longer Affect Allyson Thanks to TheraSpecs

Written by Matthew Hobbs on 30th Aug 2016

How do you spend your days?

I work the typical 8-5 work day. I am a data analyst, so I am in front of my computer screen all day.

How does your light sensitivity impact your day-to-day life?

When I am at my desk/computer, I am under fluorescent lighting. Due to this, I will inevitably and frequently get migraine headaches. When this happened, I needed to take PTO to go home and rest, and consequently was causing me to use all my time off, having to take more medication than I would prefer, and ultimately was impacting my work quality and output.

Allyson Cochran

What prompted you to try TheraSpecs?

The final straw was when my job moved me into a cubicle farm and I had no control over the lighting. Previously, I had my own office and would keep the overhead fluorescent lights turned off. However, this was not an option in my new location. I knew I had to do something, and after reading reviews on forums and learning  TheraSpecs took HSA as a payment option, I went ahead and gave them a try.

Which style of TheraSpecs do you own? Why did you select that style?

I have the Haven style. I choose them because they seemed smaller, streamlined, and more feminine.

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What else have you tried?

Really, there wasn’t any other mode of relief save taking tons of pills and going home to sleep. These were the first – and very thankfully – last thing I tried!

How do TheraSpecs help you?

They allow me to work all day – under fluorescent lights, in front of a computer - without any headaches or eye fatigue. They really are amazing and have made a huge impact on my work quality of life!

Is there anything more you would like to share about your TheraSpecs experience?

I just want to say how happy I am to have found the solution to a problem that was rapidly and severely starting to impact my work life. I had already consulted our organization’s materials management division, and they told me there was nothing they could do about the over-head fluorescent lighting. I even considered coming in after hours to take out the bulbs! But thankfully, I don’t need to consider drastic measures anymore. TheraSpecs really work. Period. And I am very, very happy to have been able to use my HSA funds as well! Thank you for such a great product…and I tell anyone who will listen to buy a pair if they struggle with lighting/computer screen-induced headaches.

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