One of the Best Migraine Glasses Reviews We Have Ever Received!

One of the Best Migraine Glasses Reviews We Have Ever Received!

Written by Greg Bullock on 2nd Feb 2017

One thing we know for sure: our customers are always willing to share their experiences and feelings on how TheraSpecs are improving their lives. But sometimes we get a customer review that is so good that we just have to share it in its entirety. This latest one comes from Gerasimos (Gerry) from the United Kingdom, and it will definitely go down as one of the most thorough and satisfying migraine glasses reviews we have received. Thanks Gerry!

I have been plagued by aura migraines for about two years now, starting about six months after I joined a new company, and increasing in frequency from once every few months, to once every few weeks, until finally reaching 2-4 attacks per week and I believe it would have become daily. The attacks happened at work 90% of the time, and I determined that lighting did play quite a part in triggering them, as I was both uncomfortable around the fluorescent lights in my workplace, and especially the combination of the workspace lights with my two monitors. I did not always get a migraine at work, but the initial irritation beginning an attack would almost always start there.

I tried another company's migraine glasses (dark green lenses), and although I did get some relief (same as I did with sunglasses), I had the opposite problem: I assume they did not specifically target the "problematic" light frequencies, which means that, in order to be efficient, they were way too dark. This meant that, in turn, I had to use them only when I was about to get a migraine, which basically defeats the whole purpose. Wearing them at all times at work was impossible - too dark to work comfortably with.

Then I tried TheraSpecs. I went with the wrap frame, indoor lenses.

When I first put them on, I did not think I felt much of a difference - the tinting of the lenses is quite light, nothing like sunglasses. Colors looked slightly different, but they are not dark at all. My hint should have been that I felt like a like a slight pressure was removed from my head. Quite subtle.

I started to wear them the whole time when I sat in front of my computer at work to try them out. To be honest, I did not expect them to be very effective as, after getting used to them in a few hours, I thought I barely saw a difference except for the slight tinting in my vision.

Boy was I wrong.

As mentioned, I only wear the glasses at work. I was expecting to keep a diary of attacks, so that I could detect the differences in frequency of migraine attacks before and after using TheraSpecs, so that I can judge their effectiveness. This plan failed, as I have still not had a migraine attack since the beginning of November when they were delivered. That's almost 3 full months, and I still have not had a migraine attack. I have become migraine-ish two or three times (you can't block wine or lack of sleep with glasses, sorry!), but it still looks like without the specific combination of visual irritant triggers that I was getting at my workplace, they just don't develop into migraines, even outside my workplace where I don't use them.

So, for me, TheraSpecs migraine glasses did not just make the problem better. They practically made it go away. My wife insists that I buy another pair just to make sure I'm not stuck without them if somehow I lose them. I'll take her advice.

I am now officially seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Thank you, and great job.

We're so thrilled to hear how much they are helping, Gerry!

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