"My One Year Anniversary, Migraine Free" (Angie's Story)

"My One Year Anniversary, Migraine Free" (Angie's Story)

Written by Greg Bullock on 5th Dec 2019

Many people who have chronic migraine would rather forget their “milestones” with the headache disorder: the experiences of their first attack, the day they were formally diagnosed, and so on. But every now and then, you hear of an amazing anniversary worthy of celebration—like the one that our friend and TheraSpecs customer Angie recently recognized. She has been MIGRAINE FREE for one year!

Of course, it did not arrive without its fair share of hardships.

Angie was born prematurely with no vision in her left eye and extremely impaired vision in her right eye, which would only get worse over the years. Even with deteriorating visual function, she struggled with photophobia because, believe it or not, blind individuals can also have intense light sensitivity. Coupled with her childhood glaucoma, she was bombarded with the pain of bright light exposure.

My mom would send me into the backyard to play and I could not do that because the sun hurt my eyes too much," she said. "I would sit on the back stoop covering my eyes and crying. No one knew what to do back then."

As if that were not enough, Angie went on to develop recurring migraine attacks, likely the result of multiple concussions. This furthered her battles with light sensitivity since both conditions are leading causes of the symptom in their own right. Migraine medications, dark sunglasses indoors, and other so-called treatments often did more harm than good, and her doctors and specialists offered few alternatives for relief. As she so eloquently put it:

Angie wearing outdoor Pilot TheraSpecs

"Here again I stood at the crossroads of a decision: I could continue on the same path of photosensitivity and migraine pain or I could head off the well-worn trails of the known into the bush country of the unknown...I took the plunge straight into the brush of undiscovered paths of exploration," she said. "I possessed only the tools of life experiences, quietness and determination to find answers, which were hidden within this personal warzone of my life. I was determined to find the fortress of solutions while battling the enemies which I called photosensitivity and migraines."

There were setbacks along the way, including several trips to the ER, but she was not deterred. She was aware of light-filtering glasses that could help alleviate her photophobia, but she went full force into researching different brands. This ultimately brought her to the TheraSpecs website. There, she found everything she needed: how and why they work, a sympathetic customer care experience, and genuine hope that something might help.

And help they did! Our glasses not only helped reduce her migraine frequency, but they gave her freedom from the pain that had been chasing her throughout her life. About the only thing that has given Angie more confidence and independence in her life would be her seeing eye dogs over the years.

"Today is my one year anniversary migraine free, in large part due to TheraSpecs. My seeing eye dog is so much happier now that mommy does not get migraines. Give TheraSpecs a try—[they are] worth your time and money. If they don't work the folks there will definitely help you out.

Now, Angie is doing what she does best: spreading her wonderful brand of joy and happiness to others. She is a writer, public speaker, clay artist and hospital volunteer. And you can add ‘a favorite TheraSpecs customer’ to that list of superlatives.

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